Friday, February 26, 2016

Best Velvet Blazer Picks For Men Under $190


There are many blazers on the web that appear fashionable however, many of them are not really tailored using the best craftsmanship and fabric. Actually, the price can often reflect the quality you will receive. If you're smart, you'd opt for a price range hovering around the $190 mark as this is the standard price for these business-casual jackets. Blazers are multifaceted jackets that can be worn on numerous kinds of outings from a business meeting to a casual dinner with friends. All in all, most men want to look the part. Looking cool is totally relevant in 2016. Looking cool without looking overpowering is just what the fashion guru says works for these modern days. If you are interested in remaining manly but still having enough clout to be deemed stylish, then check out some of the best cool blazers for men under $190.
Chosen selections are from PerfectMensBlazers.Com Blazers For Men Outlet.

Luxury Black Velvet Floral Mens Elegant Blazer $189

Luxury Black Velvet Floral Mens Elegant Blazer

Cool Royal Blue Velvet Blazer

velvet blazer in royal-blue and long sleeve
Cool Royal Blue Velvet Blazer

Would you like to be the 'it' guy in your social circle? This jacket simply speaks attention. The key to wearing bright color blazers such as this one is to tone it down with a neutral white or black shirt inside and black  slacks or dark jeans. Wearing a jacket like this with other patterns might be a bit overbearing and might send the wrong signals to your social crowd.  

Shop this style for just $109.99 at PerfectMensBlazers.Com




Basic British Style Slim Fit Black Blazer

mens blazer with UK and trendy style
Basic British Style Slim Fit Black Blazer

Every guy should own a black blazer because they are simple, sleek, and sophisticated. Having a natural charm through the clothing you choose to wear is just one secret way that this blazer may help you one-up your competition and be talk of the room. The special feature of the basic British style slim fit black blazer from is within the cut and fitting of the jacket. Many black blazer jackets on the market are just not as sleek and tailored to wear confidently with a scarf or tie given the occasion. Black blazers are flexible and is one of those 'must haves' that is essential to your wardrobe.

Shop this style for just $99.99 at PerfectMensBlazers.Com




Casual London Style Denim Color Blazer Suit

casual blazer with fashionable and modern tailoring
Casual London Style Denim Color Blazer Suit

London is known as one of the leading men fashion cities for a reason! Influenced with a look that one might call the "British guy next door" look, the casual style of this denim colored jacket is #1 when it comes to attire that makes you look approachable. The beauty of this blazer is not only is it suitable for all seasons, but it can be worn with basically any kind of shirt inside be it a t-shirt or dressy button-down shirt. Step out in casual style with this modern, hip blazer that is easy going, relaxed, and most of all comfortable. These are the qualities every guy would like in a blazer jacket.

Shop this style for just $99.99 at PerfectMensBlazers.Com




Chic Brooch Embellishment Stripped Blue Blazer Jacket

mens blazer with striped and brooch fashion
Chic Brooch Embellishment Striped Blue Blazer Jacket

Navy blue and white striped with multiple pockets. Very trendy and casual. this is the perfect weekend blazer. Going fishing? Going to the mall? Going anywhere? Grab this with a t-shirt inside and get ready for compliments galore. By the time you've returned home you'd think you'd have won a fashion trophy for best dressed man of the year! With all the features and qualities of this jacket, not to mention the brooch, (a brooch is just a posh name for a random accessory of jewelry that comes attached to clothing) this blazer somehow is able to remain subtle.

Shop this style for just $129.67 at PerfectMensBlazers.Com






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