Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Best Creative Blazer Trends For Men : Paint Splatter Trend


Black Velvet Yellow Blue Luxury Paint Splatter Blazer



There comes a time in every guy's life where he learns the importance of walking that thin line between casual and business wear. Creative blazers in particular, are a fav of mine because they can easily be sported with blue jeans, and then you're out the door. Of course a man's style is something becoming more important in this ever increasing social world. Upon a first glance at the cool colors of this blazer mixed in with an earthy-futuristic print, I came to the conclusion that it's very interesting and will be on my wishlist! I can easily see this being worn in the summer or any other season with a plain white t-shirt or white button down shirt and khaki shorts/pants. That's the perfect match!
mens black yellow velvet paint splatter blazer

Black Velvet Yellow Blue Luxury Paint Splatter Blazer @ PERFECTMENSBLAZERS.COM
This blazer has a white background with blue/purple and green paint splatter designs all over it. I really like the fact that it really does look artsy. It's like an artist started out with a blank sheet of paper and then used his skillful craftsmanship on the coat! I can see this piece being worn to parties, nights out, or even casually. I wouldn't wear this to work per se. However, as it is a blazer, it has a sleek, and neat look. Ideally,  sporting this with a plain t-shirt inside would offset all the "loudness" on the blazer. A plain white T-shirt and plain blue or black denim jeans are about as simple as any outfit can get. Throwing on this artsy blazer will really make any simple outfit creative. The truth is, it isn't easy to find creative clothes so much. Blazers are really no exception. Having a blazer like this, with cool paint splatter is much needed in mens fashion, right next to the mens velvet blazer fashion styles, that is.

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