Thursday, May 29, 2014

Best Short Sleeve Blazer Styles For Men - THEBLAZERPRINCE

With the excitement of summer, short sleeve blazers for men are stylish, new, and trending. Wear a short sleeve blazer with a dress shirt or t-shirt inside for a clean, neat look. You might be deciding weather or not you should be sporting a regular long sleeve blazer or short sleeve blazer. Summer is here and in order to not be victim to any heat waves, i'd highly recommend short sleeve blazers as they give your arms some breathing room. Some winter blazers are made with wool and that's definitely not something you'd want to be caught in during the hot weather. Thankfully short sleeve blazers are made usually in cotton blend or thin yet high quality fabrics. The blazers for men styles I see online are really becoming more artsy as mens fashion evolves and becomes more individual-centric. Designers will have to adapt to a changing demographic that has a knack for unique color and patterns. This summer, make the right choice and select a blazer that will keep you cool (no pun intended!).
Artsy Design Blue Floral Plants Short Sleeve Blazer
Artsy Design Blue Floral Plants Short Sleeve Blazer @ PerfectMensBlazers