Sunday, June 29, 2014

Red Blazers For Men: A Fashion Essential

Red blazers are bold and never bore! With trendy and in style tailoring (refer to tailoring a men's blazer for specs), red blazers are an essential. Visit red blazers Blazers: Top Blazers For Men & Sport Coats For 2015 (floral) | TheBlazerPrince for cool blazers for men!

How To Measure A Blazer | TheBlazerPrince

How To Measure A Blazer

Measuring a blazer is important if you plan on purchasing it. Here is a helpful video by ClosetM on blazer measuring. Also, visit here for blazers for men with great tailoring in slim fit and casual styles.

How To Buy A Blazer For Casual/Business | TheBlazerPrince

How To Buy A Blazer For Casual/Business

Buying a blazer is no simple task because the tailoring and style has to be taken into consideration. AskMen is a very helpful source on menswear. See the video below for a brief guide on buying blazers. Also, you can shop blazers for men here.

5 Ways To Wear A Navy Blazer | TheBlazerPrince

5 Ways To Wear A Navy Blazer

Navy blazers are subtle but defines the very thin line between casual and proessional. See the helpful video below by MRPORTER on their take on navy blazers.
Furthermore, Get men's blazers by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blue Blazers For Men With Charm And Fashion

Blue Blazers For Men With Charm And Fashion

If you are a guy who follows fashion, you might have noticed that the "trendy types" have taken a new liking to blue sport coats. Most of us just would like to wear something comfortable, that fits. However,  there is no denying that the blue blazer jacket takes fashion for guy's up a notch and adds a certain appeal that is hard to ignore. Blue is a traditional color that most gentlemen can resonate with; be it navy blue or royal blue. The trend of blue blazers comes at the perfect time to add a new, fresh "genuine gentleman" factor to fashion. At a time when most hipster men were flocking to shop floral print blazers or other artistically created styles, there is still recognition of casual styles being popular. Blue blazers with jeans: The excellent recipe for a casual style.Check out some of these blue blazers that should not be ignored.

Casual Royal Blue Velvet Blazer was $659. Now $99 - purchase here

velvet blazer in blue with thin-collar and cool fit
velvet blazer in royal-blue with slim-fit and pockets fashion
velvet blazer with pockets in blue and trendy fit Blue Awesome Floral Embroidered Shoulder Velvet Blazer - was $439. Now $139 - purchase here

velvet blazer in navy-blue with embroidery and floral designs

Monday, June 23, 2014

Best Casual Men's Blazer Designs Under $100

 Casual Blazers For Men Under $100, Fashionably

  Not many fanatics of mens fashion can say they've purchased a blazer for under $100. It's time for theblazerprince to offer a valuable asset to menswear shoppers: The ultimate blazers for under $100 list. Here I will list out some blazers I believer will be in style for a long time given that mens fashion is becoming more creative and fancy. When shopping for a blazer that is on sale, it is imperative to seek out quality over anything else! One website I recommend is Their quality and tailoring is on par with the latest designer labels and the prices are surely reasonable. They offer unique blazers that are not seen anywhere else. That's a great bang for the buck for sure. My personal favorite is the Cyan blue blazer, it's got a certain flair that is hard to come by these days in menswear. Throw on khaki pants with a pair of moccasins shoes and that cyan blue blazer will surely make the evening a delight.

Cyan Blue Blazer - $99.99 - Shop This (Click Here)

floral blazer with bright and colorful designs

Deep Grey Sleek Blazer - $63.99 - Shop This (Click Here)

grey blazer with cotton and abstract tailoring

Dotted Navy Blue Stylish Blazer - $85.99 - Shop This (Click Here)

navy-blue blazer with stylish and dotted design

Beige Floral Print Blazer - $84.99 - Shop This (Click Here)

floral blazer with artistic and sophisticated design

Gold Black White Cool Animal Design Blazer - $99.99 - Shop This (Click Here)

gold blazer with white and black animal-printing

Other Blazers Around The Same Price Range Worth Looking At

casual blazers with men and trendy style

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Double Breasted Suits: The Men's Double Breasted Blazer Trend

Double-Breasted Blazers or Suits With Trendy Tailoring

  double-breasted blazer in navy blue with slim collar

Dark Blue Double Breasted Blazer - Click Here To Purchase
There's certainly one particular trend that stands out as having taken the menswear industry by a storm. That would be the double breasted blazer. These jackets are here to please, and make the wearer  handsome; and  for a very  good reason. Things to look for in a double breasted suit are 1. The tailoring 2. The material 3. The design. Most double breasted blazers for men are truly unique in that they offer great quality and class. Every guy wants an ounce of elegance and wearing just the right kind of blazer will do that and compliment your sophistication so well. The double breasted suit jacket is in a class of it's own; typically because of the design. When wearing double breasted suit jackets it's best to wear them with dress shoes, black pants, and a dress shirt. Ahhhh! The perfect gentleman you are!

Dress shoes are just every  guy's true pet peeve if they don't fit quite right. They should be comfortable, modern, and basic, but not boring. Matte shoes are fine, but for the ultimate double breasted blazer look, dress shoes that are shiny are really the 'go to'. The trend is in style, professional, classic..Menswear 101- GET A DOUBLE BREASTED SUIT JACKET!