Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Mens Velvet Blazer Guide To Looking Your Best

Burgundy Velvet Blazer

 Mens Velvet Blazer Guide To Being Stylish


Every so often it is imperative that a guy dresses his best. Whether the occasion is leisure or a trip to the grocery store, dress to see and be seen. The opportunities that come from fixing yourself stylish with the right apparel can seriously improve your life. Yes, there is a stigma that menswear (or quality clothes in general) has it's way of being on the expensive side. However, if you can change your perspective on how you look at men's fashion, you might be surprised to learn that you were missing out on earning a high end reputation. In other words, want to be perceived as a guy with style? A gentleman with poise, sense, and wit? I hereby deem VELVET BLAZERS as the single most important item you'll need to make those dreams come true. Well, apart from shaving, that is...

Velvet blazers do not have to be expensive, too formal, too casual, heavy, or thin. Simply  buy whichever suits YOUR TASTE. Here are some of the top choices of velvet blazers for men you should keep your eyes on as they  are exactly the kinds you often see Hollywood celebs and successful businessmen out and about it. Not sure about you, but if the popular guy's are wearing it, I'd surely like to be seen in it too!

Amazing "Royalty Styled" Floral Velvet Blend Blazer

royalty style velvet mens floral blazer
The "Royalty Style" Velvet Floral Blazer is at PerfectMensBlazers.Com Now
You can take a sigh of relief that not all velvet blazers are cut from the same cloth. Looking for a bit of a jazzy jolt in your wardrobe? Here is the answer. Styled with the ambitious and dandy guy in mind, this blazer facilitates a style consciousness that true fashionable shoppers admire to have and really have no issue flaunting their bold, cool, clothes. Click Here to shop this fashionable velvet blazer.

Navy Blue Velvet Blazer With Embroidered Design

Navy Velvet Blazer With Cool Embroidered Design
The neat, embroidered design tops off the elegance of this blazer
The navy blue hue that this blazer boats is just seriously in a class of it's own. For under $150, at, you'll be getting an item that looks and feels like you've carelessly dished out $1000 for it. The embroidered design on the shoulders are just the icing to the cake. Sport this gem with jeans or dress pants for an attention grabbing evening. Click Here to shop this fashionable velvet blazer.

Royal Blue Velvet Blazer With Stylish Cutting

velvet royal blue blazer
A dose of style anyone? Here you are. The Royal Blue Gem
By now you've probably realized the remarkable impact of style and poise that a velvet blazer can have on your wardrobe. I'd never shun blazers that are lacking in pattern or design simply because blazers like the royal blue velvet style. There is no denying that there just is  something about this blazer that makes it more sophisticated, even when worn with denim jeans, than its counterparts. Royal Blue Blazer = Very necessary. Click Here to shop this fashionable velvet blazer.

On Wearing Velvet Blazers

As seen in the above examples, velvet blazers can be formally or casually sported. Hence the name "Sport coat".  With minimal effort, you can transform your day from carelessly under dressed person, to upscale/casual, attractive gentleman. Denim jeans become acceptable and neat when worn with blazers. To enliven your wardrobe, stock up on a few velvet blazers, and experience the change as you fine tune your "gentlemanhood". Because isn't that what we'd all like?

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Return Of The Dark Red Floral Mens Blazer

Fancy is its name...Dark Red Floral Mens Blazer

dark red floral velvet exclusive blazer for men
Dark red fancy mens blazer with exclusive tailoring

Velvet Blend - Professionally Tailored


You don't need any style sense to see this is a one-of-a-kind must have blazer. From the classic hue, to the artistic yet modest floral design. The intricate design is crafted an Italian inspired theme reminiscent of a European Renaissance era. Wearing this blazer will chic up your overall look and make you stand out. Whether your style is professional, casual, or laid back, this is the style for you.

Key Features Of The Dark Red Velvet Blend Floral Blazer

  • Very Charming Tone
  • Two-Buttons
  • Artisan Professional Tailoring
  • Inside lining that ensures comfort
  • Long sleeves - Excellent for many social gatherings
  • 100% Luxurious look and feel
  • Classic Dark Red Hue/Color With High Quality Floral Print
  • Sophisticated Round Hem
  • Side Pockets For Convenience!
  • Round Hem

Now Ony $189 At - Click Here

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Style & Luxury: Men's Blazer Jackets Under $150 To Buy Now

Stylish Men's Blazers Under $150

Frankly speaking, style is something that needs to be planned. No man wins the "best dressed" award by  "throwing" pieces together. With the right style coordination, you can have an appeal that will have a lasting impression on other people. A trendy blazer that is modern, high quality, and fashionable should be the exact piece of clothing that every gentleman seeks out. The other day while in a cafe, a gentleman quite dapper, entered with a velvet green blazer. I assumed he was really into taking care of himself. Guys who lead professional lives have an interest in fashion as well but all too often are too busy to keep as a mainstay in their everyday lives. For just at or under $150, you might be surprised to learn that you can stay fashionable. Here are some of my top recommendations for luxury men blazers under the $150 mark. Once you snatch up one of these, you can take a sigh of relief that you've finally caught up with fashion.


Elegant Burgundy Pinstriped Blazer 

Elegant Burgundy Pinstriped Blazer

Style: Slim-fit Pinstriped
Color: Burgundy/ Bay Gray
Sleeve: Long Sleeve
Material: Polyester
Polyester content: 90% (inclusive) to 95% (inclusive)

Amazing Royalty Style Velvet Blend Floral Blazer

Color: Black With Colorful Floral Print
Pattern: Floral Print
Long Sleeves
Material: Velvet Blend
Pockets: Yes
Round Hem

Glamour Mens Colorful Creative Blazer

Glamour Mens Colorful Creative Blazer

Color: Multicolor
Long Sleeve
Material: Polyester

Sleek Gentlemen Floral Blazer With Polka Dot Collar 

Resistant to shrinkage
Color: Various
Pattern: Floral Print Design
Long Sleeve
Material: wool Blend
Wool content: 30%
Hem Design: Round hem
Pockets: Yes

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mens Houndstooth Blazer - Fancy In Beige & White

Houndstooth Blazer - A Symbol Of Style...

beige/white houndstooth blazer

Get this blazer here.

Modern houndstooth at it's most stylish - the beige/white blazer with navy sleeves. This is the perfect blazer for casual and professional wearing. The lapel collar, fancy side pockets, and round hem work together in harmony to present a carefully crafted high-end housetooth blazer. As a single-button suit jacket, this houndstooth blazer is complemented with a champagne colored lining and tailored to perfection for an elegant yet casual stylish blazer.

houndstooth materal beige/white

Fame Of Houndstooth

Houndstooth fabric orignated in Scotland in the 1800's and was adapted by the wealthy in the 1930's as a symbol of wealth and style. The checker/square-like shapes resemble a hound's teeth, hence the name. 
houndstooth blazer

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stylish Blazers - Mens Dark Green "Metropolitan Nights" VELVET BLAZER

"Metropolitan Nights" Cool Dark Green Velvet Blazer For Men..In a World of it's own..

It's 8PM Friday evening, no time for compromise on an elegant, sophisticated look. With hair slicked back, and fragrance from a high end brand, he is ready to be apart of an evening where he would bring charm, poise and character to the table. Realizing his potential in life and walking the thin line of what he can and can not do, the "metropolitan nights" dark green velvet blazer gives him the permit to act freely, with limitless ambitions. As he ventures out into the night, sophistication takes over.. And loyalty prevails.
dark green velvet blazer

The dark green velvet blazer is truly in a class of it's own. With intrinsic fabric and a smooth cut, the single-buttoned garment, with a unique lapel, and sleek side pockets has just replaced your wardrobe "go to" item. The luxurious material, reinstated by a high-end lining and tailored with a round hem gives any guy who sports this blazer, the upper hand.
Click here to buy this blazer.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sleek Floral Print Blazer With Polka Dot Collar & Wooden Buttons

This Men's Floral, Fashionable Blazer...

In With A New Era of Sophistication-Charming Floral Blazers

The sleek floral blazer with polka dot printed pockets and collar is a new style boasting floral print. The floral design on the jacket is very artistic, sort of a dark and fancy twist to brighter floral blazers.  One of the most notable features of this blazer is its unique ability to remain very classical. The round hem, fit, and material are all things that puts this magnificent blazer on the top of the shopping list. Whether worn with jeans, slacks, or even tan cargo pants, this flora blazer will surely bring stye to your outfit! Men, you can now be super-trendy in this very modern blazer!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Powerful Navy Blazers Under $150 For Men

Mens Navy Blazer - A Men's Fashion Essential...

navy blazer with single button and tailored edges
Navy Blazer By

In men blazer fashion, just in case you didn't know, navy is the new black. Offering a sleek look, but not compromising style and professionalism, a navy blazer is a powerful, stylish mens fashion item. Whether it is single button or not, the style is a traditional spin on modern menswear. Embracing the fine craftsmanship that Italian designers are world known for, navy blue blazers, rightfully deserve their place among the top menswear items of the 21st century! Most navy blazers have pockets and tailoring that are contemporary and "in style", the perfect mix for modern men's office wear. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wear These Blazers To Stay Ahead Of Men's Fashion

When dealing with mens fashion, there are several key trends to stay on the look out for. Styles featuring geometric prints, floral prints, velvet, and short sleeves are all menswear trends to look out for when shopping. Here are suggestions on each of these stellar blazer styles that will really keep you  ahead of the ever changing fashion trends.

Geometric Prints

geometric blazer

Geometric prints actually go back to the tribal/primitive era where civilizations wove shapes into clothing to stay trendy. Now the time  has come whereby men are adapting the stylish patterns like never before. This geometric print blazer is great for work or can be worn casually. Buy this fashionable trend at Here.

Floral Prints


Inspired by nature, floral patterned clothing is nothing new. In fact the use of floral prints in blazers and other garments dates back years! Only recently, with an urge for something modern, men across the globe embrace the style. With bold and subtle contrasts, and dynamic tailoring, Floral sprint blazers are a trend of the future! Buy this bright, ambitious trend at Here.

Velvet Blazers

velvet blazer

With a knack for quality, men who sport velvet blazers are ahead of the trend with this luxury look and feel. Suitable casually, or in the office, the velvet trend is the most time tested of all blazers. Velvet is such an elegant garment, so much that even velvet blend blazers are sophisticated and trendy! Buy this elegant, essential style at Here.

Short Sleeve Men's Blazers

short sleeve blazer 
Dressing casually, but neat is definitely possible with short sleeve blazers (not to say that casual isn't neat, though). Wear a short sleeve blazer to appear more outgoing, approachable, and likeable. Short sleeve blazers are a modern twist on a traditional garment, and is a style of the future for menswear. Buy this outgoing & casual style at Here.

Wear blazers that will be ahead of fashion to effortlessly look your best, as recommended by  GQ mens fashion magazine. Geometric patterned blazers, floral blazers, velvet blazers, and short sleeve blazers are exactly the essential styles that will keep you ahead of men's fashion.