Saturday, August 30, 2014

Slim Floral Blazers: Top Picks For Men in 2014

Slim Fit Mens Floral Blazer Top Picks For 2014

Traditional fashion gurus are raving over the floral blazer trend. These "hard to shake" men fashion experts rarely endorse a trend as they assume the look will be in for merely a season. NOT WITH THE FLORAL. Men's style, unarguably has come a very long way. From a time when gents were expected to sport uniform, or black coat, pants, and tie, to now where fashion forward Mikes, Johns, and Dans of the world are grabbing their fashionable floral coats and stepping out in confidence like never before, the stark contrasts in mens style is surely different. Young professionals you might call them. They are changing the face of mens fashion as we know it, and in a very good way. Just at a time when most mens fashion houses scramble to recognize the needs of these hipsters, the voice of the customer has spoken quite clearly.NEW SLIM STYLES. In fact, not just floral, but various styles. Velvet, cotton blend, polyester, and wool are all in the YES. 2014 and beyond are surely exciting times for fashion conscious gentlemen as they themselves, and not the brands, are the very designers of the new styles.


Floral prints have a long, long record of being revered for its beauty, yes of course, mostly by women. However, with fashion becoming more flexible (ie. wearable technology, slim fit jeans, google glasses), there is an ever increasing variety of styles to pick from. Having that said; Embrace new styles! Embrace Floral Blazers!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The 3 Best Printed Mens Blazers To Wear Now

3 Printed Blazers To Wear Now


 Most Popular Blazers For Men- click here

Sifting through the clothing rack at your local department store might leave you frustrated and pondering where you might find trendy, printed blazers. In reality, fashion changes super fast (at the speed of light, roughly), and in order to help you stay in style with this, I have researched and suggested the 3 best printed mens blazers that you should be wearing. Printed blazers aren't just any plain clothing you'll find at a tag sale. These sport coats are FASHION FORWARD, new, and in style. The uniqueness in their qualities does not just amount to the artistic tailoring, buttons, or interesting material; but the design itself. Featuring a host of graphics, or patterned artsy geometric shapes, or even pictures, printed blazers are what gentlemen who know style, are dashing out in. They are sporting these ultra-hip garments to events, business meetings, grocery stores (yes, grocery stores!), and even weddings. At a time when attention spans are ever so hard to maintain longer than a few seconds, why wouldn't a fashionable guy want to be seen in the latest, and best garments. Here are the 3 best printed mens blazers you should be wearing:

#2014 Gold Black White Cool Animal Design Blazer $84.99 at

gold white black printed mens blazer

#Fashionable Blue ART Artistic Blazer $99.99 @

blue graphic printed fashionable art mens blazer

#Glamour Mens Colorful Creative Blazer 125.00 @

creative multicolor cool graphic printed mens blazer
Trendy blazer jackets are very exclusive and deserve renowned attention. The tough work has been taken out so you can stay in style!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mens Black Blazer Designed In Shimmering Dazzle

Black Blazer With Shimmering Fabric For Men

Not everyday do we see a mens fashion item that simply sparkles! With a exclusive material that is high end, the shimmering black mens fashion blazer is for the loyal, trendy gentleman who is please with his style. Perfect for fancy events or simply leisure, the trendy look of this blazer gives off a midst of luxury. New, In-Style, High Quality.  Exactly the qualities gentleman are looking for in a sport coat. The truth is out that not all sport coats are created the same. If you are looking desperately for a sport coat that is unique, fancy, and suitable for most seasons, you may want t get your hands on the black shimmering blazer. Many styles seem to come and go in mens fashion. The reality is that in many cases, fashion designers like to put out new designs each month. Guys, whom are often busy are left having a pretty tough time deciding which item to go with. Let's put all the uncertainty aside and stick with this style. It is dynamic, trendy, and simply luxurious. The price tag? Very decent.

Mens black shimmering fabric blazer

Back of Mens Black shimmering blazer
By now you may have noticed the unique dazzle that is boasted in this blazer. Not just the fabric, but the cool tailor and cut that is very professional, makes this perfect for professional like and casual endeavors. In all honesty, you may be questioning the whether or not this jacket is shiny. Most men would not want to be caught sporting a shiny jacket. This is not a jacket that will throw you off your fashion winning steak. The material is high-end, and dazzling, without the overly bearing shininess. Get this and more blazers at PERFECTMENSBLAZERS.COM.

Cool Red Blazer With Artistic Floral Print: MUST HAVE MENSWEAR ITEM

Red Floral Mens Blazer

One can not deny the elegance and plain style that is in a red floral blazer. Equipped with pockets in a stylish design and floral crafted artwork that seems like it was made just for you. Embrace a new style with a red blazer, long sleeved, cotton blend, and most of all, IN STYLE. Floral blazers are new, and add a real breath of fresh air to any outfit. The great thing about these gems are that they can be worn formally or simply casually with a t-shirt inside. In fact, it isn't uncommon to see businessmen wearing there blazer jackets with denim jeans, shorts, or even cargo pants! Sneakers and sport coats? Absolutely nothing new with this way of wearing blazers for men. Want to jazz up an outfit for an event? Try black slacks. You might be surprised to see how well they can compliment the artistic red floral blazer. It is no mistake that fashionable gentleman have taken a liking to their chinos recently.

Here you can see the unique floral designs that are really artistic and the model sports it with a unique denim jeans. Browse this and more here @ PERFECTMENSBLAZERS.COM

Modern Mens Blazers: Where To Buy Them!


Of all the fancy blazers that are on store shelves, modern mens blazers are the only styles that really offer trendy flair. Yes, you might be interested in reserved, or single colored sport coats, or even traditional artisan crafted sport coats that will bring out your inner gentleman. With a stylish design to please the eyes in  any social events, modern blazers are  really second to none in terms of creativity, tailoring, and charm. There are certainly  many modern blazer styles to embrace, from multicolor, to floral print, to wool blends. The genuine design inspiration and art that goes into modern blazers are specifically made for the  modern gentleman. Trendy floral blazers are a style of modern blazer that have pretty much seemed to replace boutonnieres, those fancy, neat, little flowers, that men traditionally used to don to expensive evenings, of course involving wine, and elegance. Not to dismiss the irresistible boutonniere, but in a  modern era, society craves for unique, and creative clothing. Here are some modern blazers you might consider:

modern creative blazer for men - multicolormodern stylish grey blazer for men - wool blend
red velvet modern floral charming blazer for men
Now that you've seen some of the top modern mens blazer picks and where to shop them, you are equipped for stylish, exciting modern lifestyle indeed!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sport Coat Of The Week: Red Velvet Floral Blazer

Red Velvet Sport Coat Time...
It isn't very often that a blazer that is red. That is velvet. That is FLORAL PRINT takes on the spotlight. Just what about the red velet floral print blazer makes it so unique? It could for one, be it's interesting design. Or perhaps the color and cut. Let's take a closer look at why this sport coat should be in your wardrobe.

chic mens red floral blazer with double buttons
The chic double buttoned blazer is passionate in it's own right. Like a teen bird, ready to soar free, this sport coat sets the wearer on a trendy, sophisticated, and savvy path to fashion. The pockets? excellently crafted in with the artisan and unique floral print to please onlookers. Capable of making any bleek outfit seem perky and trendy, this is the ultimate go-to velvet blazer.
By now, you are probably thinking that this blazer belongs in a high end, Hollywood movie. The buttons are detailed in a pearl-like style and the material is crafted with perfection by expert trained tailors.

Unique Mens Floral Blazer With MultiColored Artwork Is A "MUST BUY" Item

Unique Mens Blazers.. Something You Need
With mens fashion week having shown some of the greatest pieces that will set the tone for modern mens style, there are a few artistic, gentleman-like designs that grab my attention. Unique mens blazers are vibrant, fancy, and have a touch of class that just about every guy should be equipped with. Having a gentleman ettiquette is one thing, but knowing how to translate that into great appreal and style is another! Take this word of advice. UNIQUE BLAZERS! I will go on to introduce this really trendy blazer that is multicolor, really hip. Perfect for social events and is really a top-of-the-line item.

unique mens multicolor blazer

The unique floral print pattern in green on the upper half of the blazer, sleek cut, finished with high end, multicolor graphic designed floral art is what makes this blazer second to none. Perfect with chino pants, black pants, or even denim jeans and sneakers (for a casual look).
 Here multiple views of this stylish blazer proves it is high quality and in style. With pockets for convenience, quality cotton fabric, and inside lining, it's irresistible. Get this blazer for under $120 at PerfectMensblazers here.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jump On The Men's Wool Blazer Bandwagon

Wool Blazers For Men

Preparing for the colder months? There are tons of style options gentleman can choose from. Consider wool; A fabric that has been worn and revered time after time for its warmth and quality. You might want to retire your regular coat for a week and give a wool blazer a try. Wool blazers are truly the ultimate multifaceted garment as they have the poise of a suit and the qualities of a jacket. It isn't uncommon to find stylish gents wearing their wool blazers with turtlenecks inside. Grab a cool wool blazer weather it's solid or patterned, and trust me, you WILL NOT be disappointed. From the host of cotton and linen blazers you've donned in the summer, the wool stands out in it's ability to keep you warm. Here are some of the top selections of wool blazers for shop for. The styles are dapper, the quality is superb, and the prices, oh, are they reasonable!

Oh yes, the Camou is back
I wouldn't dare not suggest the amazing camouflage white black wool blazer first. This is the epitome of style. With neat swirly designs resembling camouflage, this blazer is for the guy who is in it to dress to impress. Long sleeves? Yes, Wool? Yes. Pockets? Yes. In style? ABSOLUTELY YES!  Get the Camouflage Wool Blazer At Perfectmensblazers Blazers

G-E-O-M-E-T-R-I-C! Geometric is in!
The geometric patterned wool blazer is one that you might want to keep an eye on! Such a unique design surely deserves to be worn, dry cleaned, then worn again. Then dry cleaned once more, and worn again..and again.. you get the picture. This wool blazer certainly screams "STYLE". With its intristic pattern and modern appeal, your social life will skyrocket to outspace-like levels! Get the Geometric Wool Blazer At Perfectmensblazers Blazers

London Style Anyone?
Let's face it. London guys rule when it comes to mens fashion. It's no question why the London style wool blazer is appealing and a top choice wool blazer. Take a look at the unique outline, pockets, soft contour of the design, and just marvel at its elegance. This is blazer that is for the warrior-fashion conscious men. With a calm look, but a commanding, and trendy ambiance, who can deny this style? Get the London Style Black/Beige Wool Blazer At Perfectmensblazers Blazers

By now you may have been interested in a few wool blazers for men such as the best styles listed above. Whether you choose sport a blazer or not, having a wool blazer on hand is definitely something to consider. With seasons changing and gentlemen dressing to impress, who'd want to be without a stylish, warm, and top blazer? See More Wool Blazers For Men Here.