Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fashionable Mens Printed Blazers Under $200

Printed blazers are all the talk, taking the menswear fashion scene into new realms. Who'd want to be sporting a plain blazer when all the fashion forward gents are busying, looking stunning in their new print blazers. Boasting cool designs such as floral, and other nature and extravagant designs, the printed style seems to be in line with modern menswear as we know it. Looking for a piece of clothing that will allow you to be comfortable and trendy at the same time can be really time consuming. The best choices are here, and they are under $200. Mens style does not have to be complicated; staying stylish has never been so easy, especially since the variety available is truly extensive. See the top printed blazers for men under $200 that are sure to keep you ahead of the mens style trend.

Fashionable Pink Multicolor Artistic Printed Blazer  
Fashionable Pink Multicolor Artistic Printed Blazer

The Fashionable Pink Multicolor Artistic Printed Blazer is truly stylish with a futuristic pink/multicolor design that is artistic, and sure to please! The other colors in the printed blazer are teal green, purple, and black. This design sort of resembles a high quality, expensive piece of artwork that is really tough to find and highly valuable! This is really a style that can not be ignored, especially given the price tag well under $200.

Fashionable Blue ART Artistic Blazer 
The stunningly cool blue color of this blazer speaks for itself. As a counterpart to the pink fashionable printed blazer, this is really a blazer that can be both professional AND casual, depending on how it is paired with other clothes and accessories. This blue color, along with it's design gives a sharp image, to a modern trend; excellence in menswear has really arrived!

Gold Black White Cool Animal Design Blazer 
This blazer boasts a unique gold/white/black color and speaks elegance. Truly high end, and cool, with an amazing price tag. Single button blazers are for the dapper, modern guy, and this blazer lives up to that theory. Wear this cool blazer with black jeans or slacks, and your favorite shoes. You may even sport a t-shirt, and not necessarily a dress shirt with this, and you'd be surprised to see how well this blazer brings together an entire, fashionable outfit.

Earth Tone Trendy Floral Blazer
Unique designs and intricate patterns have taken the menswear industry by storm. This cool blazer is exactly what's needed if you're interested in standing out in the crowd. Get in style easily, by pairing this with simple t-shirt,sneakers, and denim jeans. This will surely make you casual, and oh, just so modern!

Printed blazers are the "go to" for guy's who want to embrace modern dressing, but remain neat, and still be able to walk into a professional setting. Blazers that are printed and offer cool designs are stylish and fashion forward, as well as excellent for the trendy lifestyle, that all fashionable guys crave for!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3 Casual Grey Blazers For The Perfect Look ~ Mens Fashion Tips

3 Casual Grey Men's Blazers - Top Picks
Grey blazers are the exact type of clothing that most men would love to wear ona  regular basis. Not only are they suitable for the professional like in the office, but they are also sutiable for the casual, laid back, and socializing gentleman. Neutrality is the new trend, and grey is a perfec example of a neutral color. It doesn't matter whether the blazer has pockets, many buttons, or even a sleek cut. The crey color is sophisticated and speaks for itself. See the below compilation of 3 grey casual mens blazers you ought to be wearing to stay trendy:

Grey blazers, as you can see from the above selection, are available in so many different styles. Need more convincing? See the Tumblr selection of grey blazers here.

On Wearing Grey Blazers --Casually

Tip: Stylists agree that grey is a very safe color for fashion, which means that you can neatly pair a grey blazer with any other wild, or loud prints/colors to neutralize the look.

  Sporting a casual style is rewarding, especially when it actually is stylish. There are however, a few keys to getting the trend right. These entail things such as wearing the grey blazer with jeans, the right footwear, as well as a fashionable inside shirt.

Getting the look ~ Jeans + Grey Blazer

Jeans are so flexible that most men can admit to regularly wearing them, yes, even to the office! Therefore it only makes sense that grey casual blazers can be worn CASUALLY with your casual denim jeans! And no, they do not need to be fancy, stonewashed, or even skinny, just plain jeans, alongside your grey blazer will do wonders int he casual department.

Getting the look ~ Footwear + Grey Blazer

We all want to be comfortable, but also fashionable. Having the correct footwear is a must, in order to be casually stylish. White tennis shoes, black boots, and even brown boots perhaps are all acceptable. Your shoes can be neutral, they really can, because what really adds some zing to your outfit should be your inside shirt, which brings us to our next point.

Getting the look ~ The correct inside shirt + Grey Blazer

Because grey is such a so called neutral color, wearing an inside shirt with some sort of eccentric design, or patterns, shapes, colors is ideal. To give some fashionable mojo to your gentleman clout, following the guidelines will surely help you look just a bit more modern, and a bit more cool.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Getting Style Right: The Navy Blue Blazer

Navy Blue Men's Style Blazer 
Needing a style suggestion? You may have heard that navy blue blazers are popular and trending. Awesome fashion-forward gentlemen love the navy blue blazer for it's traditional menswear flair, yet modern twist. Not all navy blue blazers are the same, especially the navy blue blazer with the gold shoulder design. it's time for a style check in 2015, and with a trendy golden floral design, this is exactly what fashionable men are craving, for under $200:
men's luxury navy blue fashion blazer with golden paisley design polyester
This polyester blazer is business & casual!An excellent mix, no?
Sleek, stylish, and modern. A blazer that is truly unique and flexible. Sport Coats are the ultimate go-to, however,  the navy blue blazer will always be a trending classic. Slim fit, and with excellent tailoring, the majestic royalty golden floral print navy blue fashionable blazer is high quality and is new take on luxury. The golden paisley design stretches across the back in a neat style. Truly artistic craftsmanship.
men's luxury navy blue fashion blazer with golden paisley design polyester
Stylish golden floral design
The pocket flaps are designed with care and also feature quality polyester, as well as the unique, golden paisley-like design.
men's luxury navy blue fashion blazer with golden paisley design polyester
Side view - A modern, quality, navy blue "must-have" blazer

Thursday, October 9, 2014

5 Mens Modern Fit Blazers You Shouln't Be Without

5 Mens Modern Blazers To Get
The notion that mens fashion is limited to just suit and tie is long overdue. Mens fashion designers have turned the page  to one that  is new, vibrant, and modern. The misconception that blazers should always be neutral or just slim fit is one that no longer holds weight among style gurus. A Modern era calls for modern style, and blazers answer that calling with futuristic designs, and prints that stun and are amazingly appealing. However, among the huge selection of blazers that designers have churned out, 5 of them really stand out to be modern, fit, and exceptionally fashionable. The best way to wear modern sport coats are to wear them according to the event. Jeans can really rev up a blazer's casual appeal, even if the pair is worn with a simple t-shirt. Business casual does not have to be neutral. You can still give off the impression that you have some fashion sense by sporting khaki pants, dressy shorts, or black slacks with sneakers. For autumn or winter, throw on a turtleneck to enhance the look. See for yourself the 5 modern blazers that are fitted, and sure to make you equipped for a more  fashionable lifestyle, that only the trendiest of gentleman thrive in.

 Modern In Style Grey Navy Blue Grunge Blazer - click here to get this style

Modern In Style Grey Navy Blue Grunge Blazer

Mens Stylish Blazer With Colorful Artwork- click here to get this style

 Mens Stylish Blazer With Colorful Artwork

Mens Paisley New Blazer Grey Purple Gradient- click here to get this style

Mens Paisley New Blazer Grey Purple Gradient

Mens Red Blazer Tailored Sleek Fit- click here to get this style

Mens Red Blazer Tailored Sleek Fit

Mens Modern 2 Tone Black Blazer Leather/Velvet Quilted- click here to get this style

Mens Modern 2 Tone Black Blazer Leather/Velvet Quilted