Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 Amazing Blazers For Fashionable Men In India

Fashionable India: Top Blazers For Men Selection
India is full of modern fashion and style, and blazer jackets are an excellent way to stay trendy while on the go. There are expert tailors who specialize in the fitting of blazers, however the truly stylish designs may be a bit tough to find. Getting blazers that are printed, have edgy and sophisticated designs, such as floral and cool, artistic patterns and shapes is what being a fashionable guy in India, in a modern era is all about. Here are 5 amazing blazers for fashionable gentlemen in India, that can be worn to enhance style and appearance for a truly modern, and well-kept social lifestyle.

India Fashionable Mens Blazers Best Picks 

floral blazer velvet for fashionable men India 
This modern floral blazer is exclusive in style and design. It features a high end velvet blend material that is truly elegant and perfect for social events or simply day to day professions. Wear this with a t-shirt or dress shirt inside for a stylish, modern look.
Get this creative blazer here!

vintage floral blazer velvet for fashionable men India
 The perfect example of stylish mens fashion is this floral blazer. With an artistic yet vintage-like craftsmanship, the round hem blazer is for the most fashionable gentlemen.
Get this cool blazer here!

gold/black white cotton blazer for stylish men India
 Featuring a truly stylish gold/black/white artistic pattern, this blazer speaks really charmingly. Perk up this with plain pants or even shorts for an amazing, and trendy outfit.
Get this gold/black/white artistic blazer here!

pink creative blazer for stylish, modern men India
 The pink hue of this cool blazer makes mens fashion really fun, and even more creative. This is another awesome addition to any gentleman's wardrobe. Get this truly modern creative blazer here!

Men's navy blue grey creative blazer India
This navy blue/charcoal grey blazer is truly upscale and perfect for men who enjoy a fashionable lifestyle in and out the office. Wear this with sneakers or dress shoes for a cool, and inspiring look! Get this artistic stylish blazer here!

Amazing blazers really means amazing style! Stylish gentlemen who embrace a great appearance, and have a knack for dressing creatively will surely like blazers that will add a modern flair and elegance to their already impressive wardrobe!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Should You Wear Blazers With No Pockets?

Blazers without pockets ARE actually fashionable. And here's why.
Yes the verdict is in. If a blazer jacket does not have any pockets, it may actually be beneficial to you. Some blazer jackets have floppy pockets that not only make the coat heaver, but can even look unstylish! Other blazers thet are tailoed nicely, and have virtually no pockets on the outside, can actually look fashion-forward. With mens fashion being so dynamic and flexible, who'd want to stick with just one style of clothing anyway. Furthermore, most blazer jackets do have pockets on the inside. Therefore, all the ipad and iphone affidcianados can take a sigh of relief. With all the different styles, and prints, and materials of blazers, who'd want to be caught wearing one that isn't even trendy? Pick up an inch of style and add some menswear modern flair to your whole appearance by complimenting a blazer without pockets on the outside, with a sleek, and trendy t-shirt, or even jeans perhaps. Going the route of modern men's style is no hard task, or atleast what we make it out to be. Blazers without outside pockets are fashionable, at least if you want them to be, depending on your attitude and overall cordination of the your outfit. Most men would think about the function, and convenience of pockets first and foremost, which is understandable. Pockets do have an important purpose in clothing. But blazers, in particular, given that they do have those neatly tailored INSIDE pockets can be just as convenient. The next time you spot a blazer jacket without pockets, be assured that it just might be stylish, very modern, and yes, subtly convenient with inside pockets.
Modern Black Blazer For Men With Quilted Pattern
The cool blazer shown here has no outside pockets, but is trendy and has a cool inside pocket along with a fancy quilted pattern against 2-tone black design fancy fabrics. Get this trendy blazer here.