Friday, January 30, 2015

Top 3 Vibrant Luxury Blazers For Men: 2015's BEST TRENDS

2015's Top 3 Vibrant Luxury Menswear Blazer Picks

What would creative style be without vibrant blazers? The truth is, that most guys who are into looking their best, really crave the latest style that is stunning and cool, but certainly not overpowering. Blazer styles of 2015 promote the tone looking neat, upscale, and very groomed. For a while, the hipster trend left many guys in awe as grunge, somewhat edgy looks dominated the style of many gentlemen. Vibrant menswear blazers have just stepped in to claim their spot as some of the most sought after trends for 2015 and beyond! The style is flashy, elegant, and an excellent choice for guys wanting a sleek, dapper image. Among the crop of popular styles for 2015 are floral, paisley, and luxury velvet styles and they seem to be the ultimate "go to's". Here are the top 3 vibrant, luxury blazers for men currently trending, and will certainly be at the top of fashion lists for a long time. 

  Mens Luxury Blazer Gold Black Velvet

Mens Luxury Blazer Gold Black Velvet
If there were a blazer style reserved seriously for royal families of the world, this style would selected. The charm, luxury, and creativity of this tailored blazer is second to none. With an antique, creative, floral/paisley pattern on a black velvet material, there's no other blazer better for a luxurious, elegant evening out! Get this stunning, gold/black velvet menswear blazer here.

New Hipster's Luxury Navy Blue Velvet Fancy Blazer

New 3-Tone Leather Sleeve Velvet Paisley Blazer
Some blazers are so elegant they simply have the power to REPLACE tuxedos. One particular blazer in such a category is the New Hipster's Luxury Navy Blue Velvet Fancy Blazer. The single button beauty is navy blue, and has side pockets and an interesting velvet pattern that's hard to not want to be seen in, while out with friends, or at any professional event. Get this vibrant, luxury style here.

Floral Multicolor Pure Elegance Stunning Blazer

 Floral Multicolor Pure Elegance Stunning Blazer

Every gentleman is constantly in search of that one item that can save the day from a fashion mishap. This 3-tone luxury blazer has a charcoal/black hue and is like nothing seen before, with the leather-suede-paisley trio set to make the wearer one of the most charming and stylish guys in town. This single buttoned blazer has inside lining and interestingly, looks excellent with dress pants or denim jeans. Get this trendy 3-tone leather-suede-paisley blazer here.

2015 menswear trends calls for the most vibrant and elegant blazer styles. So stylish gentlemen, grab the most creative style in your collection such as these top 3 luxury blazers, and easily become one of the stylish guys around!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Patterned Blazers: A Fashionably Smart Guy's "Go To" Item
Modern fashion is all about vibrant patterns that are wearable, presentable, and make your best characteristics apparent for the world to see. Confidence is among the top things that makes any gentleman simply shine, regardless of the colors worn. However, a few simple ques about modern fashion blazer trends, will surely keep you more stunningly attractive than ever. A creative style shows that you are outgoing, and really ahead of the ever changing mens fashion fads. Wearing timeless, but fashionable prints, and patterns designed on wool, cotton, or velevet blazers, will make you one of the most attractive gents in the room, and any room that is; Whether the office or a casual event. Yes, this does mean that blazers, the ultra cool ones at least, are flexible, and an excellent choice for the busy, and modern guy. Whether you are a fancy hipster, or a sleek, and professional businessman, blazers of a post-modern era should be vibrant, and define the very meaning of what it means to be an attractive, stylish guy. All while embracing our own, cool character. Here are some great picks of stunning blazers for the post modern era that just about any guy will look great in. After all, every guy has to have that special piece of clothing that's considered stellar, and more or less reserved for the days that style needs to be taken up a notch or two. Here are some awesome blazers to rev up style and make you one dapper, and very fancy guy.

Dashed PinStripe Black Stunning Leather Collar Blazer

Brick Maze Pattern Black White Trendy Blazer

New 3-Tone Leather Sleeve Velvet Paisley Blazer
With a stunningly attractive 3-toned pattern, designed in paisley, leather and suede, this style is among the most elegant and fashionable menswear blazers. This blazer is sleek, and is bold, but not overpowering. With excellent tailoring, this creative style is perfect for any gentleman who has no problem with getting many, many, great complements!
Tropical Floral Plants Black Sleeve Warm Blazer Puffer Jacket

Golden Artistic Animal Velvet Striped Luxury Blazer

Popular Floral Print Navy Blue Classic Blazer

Wearing a patterned blazer is a popular and smart choice for guys in or out of the office. The look can be worn with jeans or professional pants. A neat tie and leather shoes round off the look, and will surely keep you among the coolest, and most fashionable, professionals there is!

Monday, January 19, 2015

5 Blazers That Are Making Men More Fashionable Than Ever

Blazers That Make Men More FashionableA fashionable blazer speaks to the modern gentleman like nothing else. There is a reason why blazers with cool patterns are ruling menswear. 

They are seriously the perfect match for the tech-savvy and modern guys of the 21st century. In order to be fashionable than you've ever imagined, you need to be unique with your style and brave, as well as confident. Guys who are shy to get up in fancy attire are missing out on looking more stunning than they've ever imaged. With a host of cool patterns from subtle floral prints, to even zig zags, dressing up in a neat, high end, creative style will make you feel as if you've just been nominated for a Grammy award. The complements and attention that truly stylish guy's get, are so favorable, that menswear has truly pushed the limits of exactly how creative fashion designers can get. You may be thinking that you'd have to be extremely loud and fancy, to sport a cool, hip blazer. However, you'll surely be surprised to know, that with the right combination of clothing, there will be never, ever be anything dull about your wardrobe again. You can wear a blazer casually, or dressed up as neat as ever, and still be the most dapper, cool guy in town, as long as you are wearing a trendy, creative style, that is. Here are 5 blazers that are making men more fashionable than ever.

 Brick Maze Pattern Black White Trendy Blazer

Brick Maze Pattern Black White Trendy Blazer

 Cool Milan Style Embroidered Red Grey Blazer

Cool Milan Style Embroidered Red Grey Blazer


 Golden Antique Black Velvet Luxury Blazer

Golden Antique Black Velvet Luxury Blazer


White Black Rose Floral Amazing Mens Blazer

White Black Rose Floral Amazing Mens Blazer

ZigZag Rigid Creative White Black Stunning Blazer

ZigZag Rigid Creative White Black Stunning Blazer



New Hipster's Luxury Navy Blue Velvet Fancy Blazer

 New Hipster's Luxury Navy Blue Velvet Fancy Blazer

These blazers are among the top selections for guys to remain fashionable for a very, very long time. One of the best kept secrets of menswear is to purchase peices that are useful for a while, have excellent quality, and is flexible in that the item can be worn with many of your other clothes.

Great ways to wear printed and knitted velvet and cotton blazers are:

With Jeans: It might not come as a surprise, because business-casual guys have been embracing the trend for years. Nothing says 'casual yet neat' better than a fashionable blazer, and jeans pants. 

Tie (including a bow tie): What better way to jazz up a blazer and instantly become elegant, than with a tie? Ask any guy who knows his menswear, and he'll surely be a true advocate of the tie.

Dress Pants: A staple for most business guys, and increasingly one for the average fashionisto/fashionista. Dress pants make your entire outfit uniform, sleek, and really neat. No wonder truly fashionable men stick to dress pants.

The key to wearing the right blazer is all about which style/color will make you look your best. Just about any guy can quickly transform his wardrobe from '...meh...' to 'WOW', just as long as he sticks to the trendy, modern blazers, that are making guys more fashionable than ever. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Cool Art Of Multicolor Floral Blazers For Men

The Floral Blazer Trend.. Artsy And Cool

Multicolor floral blazers have been somewhat debatable by menswear aficionados. Simply because for some guys it may be tough to know exactly how to wear such an apparently, somewhat bright piece of clothing! The great thing about blazers however, are that they are truly flexible. It's why guys have been sporting the look for eons. Multicolor floral is another cool pattern that any guy wanting to modernize his style, can add to his blazer collection. The trend is neat, hip, and just amazingly attractive.

There is a reason why guys have sported boutonnières on their blazers for years. The charm and wit from that one add-on to a sports coat is the same thing, typically, as having huge letters printed on your forehead saying "CHARMING". Floral flowers are not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind for guys of fashion. In fact, most fashionable guys would prefer a casual look. However, With the right KIND of art, the floral pattern can in fact look casual, a very stylish, modern type of casual, that is. Art is something that may be seen differently by each guy, based on his own perspective. But commonly speaking, one thing's surely certain, artsy blazers are seen as modern, brave, and shows the world that the wearer is a very genuine gentleman. Here are few multicolor floral printed blazers to keep you ahead of this cool trend:

 Classic Multicolor In Style Amazing Floral Blazer

Classic Multicolor In Style Amazing Floral Blazer
Get This Awesome Style Here.

Popular Floral Print Navy Blue Classic Blazer

Popular Floral Print Navy Blue Classic Blazer
Get This Trendy Style Here.
Multicolor floral blazers really deserve their place in any guy's wardrobe. They are cool, modern, and show's that men too, can be fancy, neat and charming, all in the name of masculinity and chivalry. Fashion as evolved to embrace new, bright, and dapper blazers such as the multicolor floral print trend, and gentlemen smart enough to sport these cool styles with khaki, black, or neutral colored pants will have an amazing time reaping in tons of complements! Here's to a new wardrobe, and an amazingly attractive menswear style!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Blazer: 2015's Key Piece

There is no piece in a man’s wardrobe that is more definitive than a blazer. This garment is ever present in men’s collections and has shown that simple changes such alterations in patterns, colors and cut can bring the outfit on a brand new level. The decision when choosing a blazer no longer revolves around whether to choose from black, grey or blue. It’s also not just about whether it is for a formal or casual occasion. The choice of a blazer defines the style and character of a man and it is likely that you would not own just one, but rather several pieces. The list below breaks down the key blazer styles that you should be considering for 2015.  
One Button
Gone are the times when several buttons used to adorn the front of a blazer. A single button at the front yields a striking yet very elegant and simple look. This more modern and youthful blazer is perfect for semi-formal occasions such as a posh party or for a business-casual look. These blazers can be paired with slim jeans or chinos, depending on the look that you are going for and is therefore, very versatile. This classic slim blazer can be found at $129.67
Thin Upscale Aodai Er Black Stitching Slim Blazer Jacket
Get this style here

While unstructured blazers could be too laid-back to be worn at the office, it is great for any casual elegant setting. These blazers are loose and comfortable, ideal for a casual look. To complete the look you might opt for some fitted denim jeans and your choice of casual shirt, t-shirt or polo. These blazers always yield a refined yet approachable style, whatever your choice of pairing is. Since the cut of the blazer itself makes a statement, you might want to keep the choice of colors to timeless shades such as this dark grey linen blazer priced at $129.99
Amazing Linen Dark Grey Long Sleeve Blazer
Get this style here

Plaid always look great and when used in moderation, the pattern yields a very classy look. Plaid is too strong to be worn at the office but is rather more suited when going out. Blazers are best paired with neutral pieces to avoid going over the top. This coffee grid plaid jacket that you can purchase at $129.67 is just the kind of item to add a touch of color to your outfit while keeping the rest quite neutral.
Genuine England Slim Plaid Tide Coffee Grid Blazer Jacket
Get this style here

Floral prints have once been deemed feminine, but not anymore. With the adoption of these colors in high-end fashion collections and streetwear, they have proven that they are casual and young but also very trendy. These colored patterns show that a man possesses some fine taste while still remaining comfortable. Floral blazers are best paired with neutral shades such as this navy blue floral blazer priced at $129.99.
Charming Upscale Floral Blazer
Get this style here

Pastel colored blazers give a chic mediterranean look, there is no denying it. These blazers can be paired with another pastel white piece to yield a classic Riviera style. You might consider this look for the coming summer. If the pastel blazer is worn for a retro look, you might opt for a pair of pegged pants or skinnies. This light khaki blazer that you can get for $107.00 is perfect to channel the Riviera style.
 Amazing Men New England Khakhi Slim Blazer Jacket
Get this style here

Color Blocking
Contrast blazers are eye-catching and trendy and offer a great contrast when paired with neutral tops and trousers. This green and dark blue blazer yields the best effect when worn with white pants and shirt. You can get this blazer at $113.98.
 Awesome Green Blazer With Dark Blue Collar
Get this style here at PerfectMensBlazers

Blazers in 2015 will come in different cuts, colors and patterns and this is indeed great news for men who love to play around with different styles and fashion.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10 Luxury Blazers That Make Men Stand Out

Mens Luxury Blazers - Top Ten

mens gold blazer
Golden Antique Black Velvet Luxury Blazer

Standing out among a crowd of other fashionable guys can sometimes seem daunting. Just about every guy has a sharp, edgy, sleek suit, and setting yourself apart is a must if you'd at least want to be noticed. A guy with a high end blazer is always confident, because he knows his clothing is in-style, high quality, and modern.

 Luxury blazers offer the exact fashionable flair that trendy guys crave. Poise and sophistication is really yours with a high end blazer that is comfortable and of the newest menswear design trends. Stylish guys have known for decades, that the key to any blazer sport coat really is within the tailoring. Luxury mens fashion have embraced quality and precision in design, and those are the exact characteristics that smart guys look for in clothing.A modern, creative, luxury blazer is truly the way to go if you want to earn some real style points. It's about time to leave those plain and simple blazers for those other guys and step into the realms of high end styles, designed with craftsmanship and with a pinch of luxury. Here are 10 luxury blazers that will surely make any gentlemen stand out:

* Sleek Black One Button Fashionable Long Modern Blazer - $269.00

Sleek Black One Button Fashionable Long Modern Blazer
This blazer is sleek, long, and really artistic. For the artsy guys who have an eye for detail, the glare designs, creative tailored cut, and asymmetrical lapel of this blazer are just a few reasons why this blazer is stellar. Wear this with black or bright colored slacks for an edgy, futuristic look. Get this trendy style here.

Royalty Velvet Dark Red Down Quilted Buttoned Warm Blazer - $134.99

Royalty Velvet Dark Red Down Quilted Buttoned Warm Blazer
Who says that chilly weather is reserved for thick, heavy coats? This red velvet puffer blazer jacket is very upscale, and excellent for social gatherings, dinner, or even the office. For the office, wear this awesome blazer with a grey suit and prepare for complements! Get this elegant style here.

Classic Royal Blue Velvet Blazer - $99.99

Classic Royal Blue Velvet Blazer
Blue velvet blazers are one of those items that is simply a must for stylish guys. They are flexible, and will really never go out of style! A blue blazer with jeans, or even formal wear will truly keep any dapper guy looking his ultimate best. Get this blue velvet blazer here.

New 3-Tone Leather Sleeve Velvet Paisley Blazer - $199.00

New 3-Tone Leather Sleeve Velvet Paisley Blazer
If there is one blazer that represents modern, sleek, menswear, it is the New 3-Tone Leather Sleeve Velvet Paisley Blazer. Equipped with a stunning, black paisley design, against a leather and nubuck-suede like fabric, this single button blazer is for the most fashionable of gentlemen. The pockets are trimmed with leather and the lining provides extra comfort. Wear this with charcoal colored or black jeans/slacks and white sneakers for a trendy, in-style look. Get this amazingly cool blazer here.

Single Button Golden Floral Lapel Black Blazer - $129.99

Single Button Golden Floral Lapel Black Blazer
Elegant menswear has never looked this trendy. With an artsy royal-like pattern along the lapel, this black blazer deserves to be placed on a fashion pedestal. Wear this with black pants and shoes, for a neat look. Jazz up the look with your favorite wristwatch. The Single Button Golden Floral Lapel Black Blazer is available here.

Golden Antique Black Velvet Luxury Blazer - $159.99
Just by looking at this blazer, you can tell the quality, design, and craftsmanship is truly superior! This double buttoned blazer features an elegant antique art in shimmering gold against a black suede-like background. This blazer is the very definition of luxury menswear. Wear this blazer with either denim jeans or neat slacks and you'd surely attractively stand out. Two words; Complement magnet. Get this elegant blazer here.

 Charming 2-Tone Floral Laced Stitched Mesh And Leather Luxury Mens Blaze
With a stylish, floral laced design, this blazer can be worn with confidence. Looking for a blazer to jazz up your look for an event? You've found it with this 2-tone blazer that features leather along the bottom half and lapel. A white dress shirt complements this blazer and this look will not go unnoticed, making you stand out in style and charm. Get this modern, luxury blazer here.

Amazing Black White Camouflage Wool Blend Blazer - $199.89

Amazing Black White Camouflage Wool Blend Blazer
Warm, excellently tailored, and amazingly stylish. This wool blazer is perfect for chilly weather and a complement to any outfit, be it casual or professional. T-shirts or dress shirts look awesome with this camouflage black/white wool blazer. Get this amazing trend here.

Brilliant Nature Art Fancy Grey Cotton Blazer - $169.99

Brilliant Nature Art Fancy Grey Cotton Blazer
Art and fashion are perfectly blended here. With a nature inspired artistic theme, this fashionable blazer is attractive, and like nothing you've seen before. Not many blazers can depict an amazing piece of art and still have excellent quality and tailoring the way this does. This double button blazer has a stellar design and will make any guy sand out and instantly cool, and modern. Get this artsy, nature-inspired mens fashion blazer here.

Stylish Check Patterned Navy Blue Mens Blazer - $199.99

Stylish Check Patterned Navy Blue Mens Blazer
This blazer is different, and in a very good way. it set's itself apart from other check patterned blazers. With elegant, navy blue sleeves, and a tailoring that is quality, and Italian-inspired, this single button blazer is true moderate luxury at it's best. The different tones of blue in the pattern allows guys to comfortably sport this blazer. Wear this with khaki or navy blue pants for an upscale, easygoing look.

Luxury blazers offer excellent qualities for any guy. Standing out among the crowd is a good thing, especially with an upscale, creative blazer on your back. Trendy menswear has just gotten a lot more cool, stylish, and upscale, thanks to creative blazer designs, of course!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Menswear Must Have: Warm Floral Puffer Blazer

Down Puffer + Floral Blazer = Super Stylish
Most fashion savvy gentlemen can confidently confess that they've seen all mens fashion has to offer. However; What if there were a few pieces of clothing that are reserved for the fashionable guys who are into seasonal wear? Floral print has been a top pick for clothing patterns for a while, but creative fashion designers who embrace the freshness of spring and summer, do not give up on the trend, just because colder weather has crept in. Blazer jackets with down crafted into them are becoming a staple for trendy gentlemen, and floral blazer jackets, floral puffer blazers, that is, are definitely one of the rising stars to get.
floral print puffer down blazer for men
This tropical floral plant blazer is artistic, warm, and truly stylish. Excellent with black pants or jeans, and perfect for casual outings with dress shoes or sneakers. A blazer that gives off an air of nature, at a time of the year when every other tree isn't as green and bright is exactly what the style guru ordered. At least the wearer of this puffer blazer jacket can spark up a room with confidence and zest.

The black sleeves on the blazer against the artsy floral print is to be admired. Warmth and style are not always easily placed into the same sentence, but with this floral puffer blazer with down, any gentlemen can really be stylish in chilly weather.

Modern guys who are not so interested in wearing the same style as every other guy know one of the best kept secrets to staying in his own style all the time; Which is to sport vibrant colors and complement them with his favorite shoes and accessories. A great stylish, and modern lifestyle surely awaits the guy who smartly wears a warm, floral puffer blazer. Get this stylish jacket here.