Wednesday, February 25, 2015

5 Most Amazing Blazers That Make Men MORE FASHIONABLE

The blazer is definitely a key item in every man’s wardrobe. Classic blazers tend to come in monochrome and flat colors. While these classic pieces serve their purpose for the daily professional life, they are often too formal to be worn in other more festive occasions. Trends have also evolved and modern blazers are featuring more artistic patterns. With pieces such as the art deco blazer or the floral print ones, the fashionable man has a lot to choose from. It is often said that fashion is a form of art that can be mastered by anyone. The recent trends have shown that fashion is more and more inculcating traditional art in bringing new modern and even avant-gardist designs to their collections.

The Art Deco Blazer
Fashion is easily considered an art within itself. With all the fashion creations and originality, one cannot deny this statement. Just like other forms of art, fashion allows us to use different means in order to express ourselves in manners that are not necessarily understood by everyone. A trend that is definitely allowing people to get in tune with their artistic sides is the art deco trend.

The art deco trend generally involves copious amounts of bling, glitz and geometric patterns. This is especially the case for women fashion. When it comes to men fashion, the geometric patterns are often found on clothing items. You might think that it takes a real fashionista to be able to style art deco pieces. However, it is more easy than you think. For instance this art deco black and white blazer can easily be paired with bold black pants and a flat colored black shirt. It is important to keep the rest of the outfit quite flat and bold in order not to go over the top. The shoes pairing for this outfit would also need to be kept flat and bold. This amazing art deco blazer can be purchased for $159.99

Art Deco Pattern Black White Trendy Blazer
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The Spring White Floral Blazer
When talking about men’s blazer fashion, one cannot overlook the tremendous appeal of floral prints in latest fashions. Floral print blazers are elegant garment pieces that are nature-inspired and exude the beauty of the earth. Blazers in floral prints often showcase seasons and are inspired by colors characterizing these seasons. Constituting an outfit with a floral blazer might constitute a difference for the fashion beginner. However, it is not so difficult to effectively pair these pieces. Floral blazers, just like the art deco blazer consist of a statement piece in themselves. It is therefore simple to pair them with other pieces. The other pieces would just need to be chosen of flat and complementary colors. For instance, this Spring white floral blazer can be worn with a pair of dark blue jeans and a t-shirt of the same color. This will guarantee and effective casual dressy look and will highlight the pop of blue color in the blazer. The t-shirt or shirt can also be chosen in white. The floral patterns in blazers have long enjoyed prominence in Asian countries and this trend has now moved worldwide. This cool spring white floral blazer can be bought at $79.99

Cool Spring White Floral Blazer Suit Jacket
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The Artistic Animal Velvet Striped Luxury Blazer
Sometimes you just need something a little bit extra for some occasions. Flat colored blazers are fine for everyday looks, but when you are heading for a party or for any other festive occasion, you might want to channel something a little bit more elegant. Animal stripes are definitely trendy in men’s fashion, just like the art deco style and the floral patterns. This velvet blazer perfectly blends black and gold stripes together to yield a most amazing effect. It can be worn to parties and special occasions. In order to pair this blazer, you might want to go for a neutral color such as black. This blazer would also look great when paired with beige pants. The idea behind this look is to leave all the focus on the blazer. The blazer being the key statement piece here, it is important that it is not overshadowed by another piece of clothing. The look would also seem too “busy” if you add another print or pattern to it. Therefore, even when it comes to your shoes and ties, you would need to keep everything very neutral. This amazing and stylish party blazer can be purchased for $184.99

Golder Artistic Animal Velvet Striped Luxury Blazer
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The Polka Dot Blazer With Floral Prints
The polka dot is yet another pattern that is massively influencing trends in menswear. When paired with floral patterns it yields an original and festive look. This polka dot and floral print blazer is ideal for events such as a wedding and any other celebration. This blazer is ideal for the guy who does not take himself too seriously and want to exude his fun personality. This piece also demonstrates bold fashion sense on the part of the wearer. Even though it might seem tough to pair this blazer with a whole outfit, it is in fact quite easy. Opting for a statement piece such as this would quite conveniently get you sorted for the rest of your outfit. You would only need to opt for bold and flat colors that would perfectly complement your blazer and the colors found in it. For this particular blazer, the dominant colors are red, black and white. However, if you were to go for a majority of red in the other pieces of your outfit that would be way over the top. Instead, more toned down colors such as white or black would complement the blazer better. This stunning polka dot and floral print blazer can be bought for $139.99

Stunning New Polka Dot Blazer With Rose Floral Print
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Tropical Floral Luxury Spring Men Blazer
Spring is definitely a joyful season. When dressing up for the season, colors are the most welcomed. Floral patterns are also very trendy when it comes to seasonal styles. Colors such as blues blended with fuschia and yellow bring a tropical edge to the outfit. This particular royal azure blazer is perfect to be worn on posh vacations, to a tropical island for instance. It can also be worn for outdoors festivals during spring. It would not only serve to protect from the last chills of spring, it also brings out an outfit marvelously. Gone are the days when the boring monochrome blazer was in. You will now be able to channel all the casual elegance of tropical florals in your trendy blazer. This blazer is best paired with royal blue pants and t-shirts. This is yet another statement piece that would better be left as the key piece of your outfit. If you wish to go for a more elegant look, you could also ditch the t-shirt for a formal white shirt and equally flat white ties. This luxury tropical flower can be purchased at $173.99

Royal Azure Blue Tropical Floral Luxury Spring Mens Blazer
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We’ve seen that the blazer is not only that everyday piece of clothing that you would be wearing to the office or for special occasions. Modern blazers are emulating arts and are now featuring more daring and bold prints and patterns, much to the delight of the fashion-conscious man. With this selection of fashionable blazers, you must have been inspired for your next look.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Exactly Why Velvet Floral Blazers Are Menswear's Favorite

Stylish Blazer Line Up - Why Velvet Floral Blazers Win

Velvet blazers -- The one item in mens fashion that all stylish men can absolutely agree, is a top pick, regularly. The velvet material, coupled up with sleek tailoring, and a dapper floral pattern, speaks MODERN STYLE, seriously like no other clothing. Blazers for one thing, are surely an essential menswear item; Even Hollywood's best dressed actors boast cool blazers (Savile Row inspired) as paramount to their overall look! The floral blazer style is always trending, and fits a casual, and professionally dressed guy's style excellently, and can be tailored slim or regular fit. With true flexibility, and a cool design which will really make any gentleman attractive, velvet blazers are a stylish gentleman's favorite. From subtle designs, to more intricate, vibrant styles, including floral designs, the velvet floral blazer leads the way for all the blazers in this stylish blazer line up.
Get this cool, velvet floral blazer here.

 Get this cool, velvet floral blazer here.

 Get this cool, velvet floral blazer here.
Get this cool, velvet floral blazer here.

Velvet floral blazers can be elegant as a prom tuxedo, or sleek as the latest on fashion runways! Getting the velvet floral blazer look is simple. Sport your favorite black or khaki trousers and loafer shoes for a modern, easy going look. Velvet blazers are menswear's favorite for a good reason -- they are sleek, truly attractive garments, and they simply make any gentleman look more dapper, and modern than ever!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Spring 2015's Best Creative Blazers For Men

Spring/Summer 2015's Creative Blazers To Get

Short-sleeved blazers have been all the rave for spring 2015.  Making a leap from thick, long sleeved blazers with comfortable lining, to dandy upbeat, colorful designs are a thing to certainly look forward to, for most stylish gentlemen. Creative blazers offer the zest of style and comfort that gentlemen have missed out on, thanks to the cold season. Inspired by nature, and an upscale fit, menswear has met it's excellent match for spring 2015.

Royal Azure Blue Tropical Floral Luxury Spring Mens Blazer
 Royal blue azure is one of those dandy blue colors that is hard to come by. The stunning jungle pattern of the short sleeve blazer is seriously one to admire. 

Creative Stunning Nature Artistic Blue Short Sleeve Blazer

Creative Stunning Nature Artistic Blue Short Sleeve Blazer
Nature-inspired patterns have always been a stylish guy's favorite, especially when worn with navy, khaki, or black shorts/pants. The style is one that will certainly have you in many photographs, frankly, making you one highly-talked-about guy, and in a very, very good way!

2015 spring and summer trends have had a great start, and the most fashionable gentleman is smart to know that creative styles such as jungle and nature-inspired patterns will keep him in style, neat, and creative!

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Official Blazer Lapel Guide

When choosing your blazer, suit or tux, your first considerations might be the color, cut, materials and style. These factors are indeed essential to the overall look of your outfit. However, very few men actually consider the lapel when making up their mind regarding which blazer to choose. The lapel, however, is quite crucial to the final shape of a blazer and the way it would sit on your chest. There are three main categories of lapel when it comes to blazer fashion. However, these three categories are often divided into several sub-categories with varying sizes, styles, geometry and positions. These different elements procure varying looks and it might be confusing to navigate through the different sorts of lapels. The guide below might come handy in choosing the right lapel.

1. The Peak Lapel

The peak lapel derives its name from the point cut that constitutes it. This type of lapel can be found in single-breasted suits or in dinner jackets. However, it is most commonly found on double-breasted blazers extending from the line of the jacket. This procures the impression of larger shoulders. The peak lapel is suited more for formal styles and outfits. Generally, slim and narrow shouldered men should go for small peaks on their blazers, while guys with larger shoulders would look better with larger lapels. This comfortable wool blazer features a removable fur lapel and can be purchased at $189.98. Alternatively, this black velvet patterned blazer features a larger peak lapel and can be bought at $159.99
Comfortable Wool Dark Grey Fur Lapel Gentlemens Blazer
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Black Velvet Patterned Elegant Blazer
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2. The Notch Lapel

The notch lapel is by far the most common form of lapel found in blazers. This might be due to the fact that the cut is simpler to make. This type of lapel has long been used on single-breasted jackets. With evolution in trends and fashion, the width and size of the lapel have changed considerably. The angle used on the lapel vary from designer to designer. However, generally, the angle lies between 75 to 90 degrees. The notch lapel may point up or down depending on the design and personal taste of the wearer. Similar to the peak lapel, the dimensions of the notch lapel should adapt to the morphology of the blazer wearer. The “fishmouth” notch is one of the trendiest form of notch lapel in recent times. The advantage of this type of lapel is that you just cannot go wrong with it. You might just be careful about lining up the notch with your shoulders. This pinstripe blazer is perfect for a night out or dinner and can be purchased at $159.99. Alternatively, for those seeking a more floral look, this purple polka dot blazer is ideal for the summer and can be acquired at $115.99

Dashed Pinstripe Black Stunning Leather Collar Blazer
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 Purple Polka Dot Stylist Floral Blazer
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3. Innovative Lapels

The fashion industry definitely thrives on innovation. The lapel is of no exception to this. You might be able to find different forms of lapels and even blazers of different length and style where sometimes the lapel is not even visible. Moreover, in blazers featuring multicolored patterns, the form of the lapel becomes insignificant. The only thing that you would be noticing is the pattern and color of the blazer anyway. This classic multicolor floral blazer is the perfect example of this. The design and floral patters of the blazer grabs all the attention. Here the cut of the lapel is not important. You can get this blazer for $137.99. For a more fashionable look, you might also consider this sleek long blazer. This one can be purchased for $500
Classic Multicolor In Style Amazing Floral Blazer
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Sleek Black One Button Fashionable Long Modern Blazer
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Whether you opt for the peak, the notch or prefer a more modern style, you would not be able to differentiate between the three and find the piece that would make you a happy man!