Monday, March 2, 2015

The 5 Most High-End Black Velvet Blazers For Luxury Men

Luxury is defined as an item that is comfortable, has excellent quality, and is unique. Black velvet blazers have long been synonymous with cool, elegant gentlemen, whom are driven by great character and a modern style. Velvet blazers after all, were of course reserved for royalty at one point in time. It isn't a mistake that the most fashionable men in the world, who are the leaders of style continue to embrace black velvet blazers. Not only are black velvet blazers flexible, and can be worn really with a wide range of different trousers, they are extremely comfortable, and an effortless way to stay very, very fashionable. Here are the 5 most high end black velvet blazers for luxury men:

Revered as a symbol of luxury, this black velvet blazer features a crocodile pattern that is one of a kind and excellent for any gentleman wanting to make a great impression, and signify that he's serious, and professional, but can also be fun, charming, and stylish. Get this awesome blazer here
Some blazers really deserve a special mention, sort of like placing it on a pedestal. In particular, a black blazer with strikingly unique cutting, and an amazing gold trim would win the prize if there were a most fashionable blazer award. This is really the epitome of luxury, at it's finest and most stylish yet. Get this cool blazer here.
The secret to black velvet blazers is sometimes within the fabric. Here's one blazer that is surely an example of great fabrics -- the  3-tone leather sleeve/velvet blazer. With a very cool paisley/velvet/leather design, this is a stylish guy's winning item. Modern fashion for men has made huge leaps and bounds, and this blazer is a great example of that! Get this dapper, cool blazer here.
Black velvet blazers are diverse in design, which of course doesn't mean they can be any less professional. Events such as prom and weddings can be just as elegant with a black velvet blazer designed with a neat, quilted leather/velvet design. This cool, single button blazer is perfect for a super modern and upscale style. Get this upscale fashion blazer here

 Black velvet blazers all come from one basic design, that is the original, solid color, black velvet blazer. What way better to go business-casual than pairing denim jeans with a black velvet blazer. Professionals can wear the simple, black velvet style with black or navy pants for an elegant, high end look. Get this luxury blazer here.

Black velvet blazers are not just simple suit jackets as some guys may have assumed. They can vary, very stylishly, in hue, design, and craftsmanship. Getting a high end style is all about sporting a blazer with great quality and an unbelievably sophisticated, elegant design. Wearing the black velvet blazer trend is the easiest and best way to get the modern, luxury look, successfully!

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