Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How To Make Blazers Look Great With Shorts

There has been a silent but popular trend in mens fashion, that has made it's way from being a mere fad among fashionable vacationer gentlemen, to a staple in modern style. Blazer jackets and shorts are comfortable, easy going, and very trendy for summer or any warmer climates.
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The key however is to not wear just any ol' pair of shorts. Fore xample, swimming trunks, or any other shorts that look similar, simply WILL NOT DO. Boy shorts - ultra skinny and short shorts are semi formal and really can work wiht the blazer look but only given that the right pattern, size, and material of your blazer is worn. Here are important blazer tips that will help you sport the best blazer and shorts look ever:

The Pattern Is Ever So Important
Choosing the correct blazer pattern is just as important the tailoring itself, especially when sporting blazers with shorts. Sport solid color shorts with a pattern blazer such as a linen floral or other atsy patterns and simply wait for the comments you'll be getting!

The Size And Tailoring Really Does Matter
In order for blazers to look great with shorts, one obvious tip is to make sure th elenght of your blazer is a bit shorter than other sport coats. For starters, having the hem fall right just below your belt, will do wonders for the look, and not make you look like youre sporting a blazer-dress! The tailoring and size of oyur blazer really do play an ever important role when shorts are included in the outfit!

Material Is Paramount -- Especially In Warmer Climates
Warmer climates call for thinner materials that wont make you overly sweaty. Dressing right starts with getting the material of your blazers correct, and shorts with blazers call for excellent pairing of fabrics. For example, In warmer months cotton shorts and linen based blazers will work great, especially when a pair of white tennis shoes are thrown into the mix.

Wearing blazers with shorts are an easy thing to do and definitely pays off with you having great style. Paying attention to things such as the blazer's pattern, tailoring, and the material will ensure that you are always fashionable in shorts and blazers. Heres to an excellent, comfortable, and very stylish way to sport blazers!

Monday, July 6, 2015

How To Wear Denim Jeans With Blazers

The denim jeans and blazer trend is one that is all too common. With denim jeans being worn in so many colors from light and dark blue to grey, and even wild, patterns such as zebra pattern styles over at Lyst, it would make all the sense to assume that most gentlemen can become a bit uneasy regarding the blazer / denim jeans trend. The truth is, that the blazer and jeans look has been a true style staple for many guys around the world, and for a very long time. After all, while a suit and tie look is sharp and professional, adding denim jeans to the mix will make you more casual, easygoing, and really approachable, effortlessly. The common perception of blazers and jeans that most gentlemen think of is the all too familiar navy blue blazer and denim jeans duo.

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In order to get the most out of the denim jeans and blazer look, you have got to be aware of one crucially, but often overlooked thing about the blazer: the cut. In fact, that basic element of style is often overlooked, especially since in the world of menswear, shopping is becoming more speedy, and streamlined (so much for fast fashion, eh?). Let's zero in on some of the types of blazers, well in particular, the styles that work excellently with denim jeans.

Single Buttoned Blazer

The single button blazer has always been the go to essential of suit jackets. It is effortless to pair with other clothing, and shows that a guy know's his style, has passion, and character. Sporting this style of blazer with denim jeans is one of the best ways to single-handedly claim victory of the the long, often miserable battles of style-pondering that can occur when not knowing what to wear on a weekend evening out.

The Velvet Blazer

Though the velvet blazer has classically been a symbol of luxury and elegance, there is no denying that denim jeans, mostly darker hues of blue, grey, and even black, can make this look appealing and easily modern.

The Floral Blazer

If there were one style of blazer that evoked modern, hip style, and art, it's seriously the floral blazer. Dapper style meets art and creativity, with a touch of nature inspired influences, all wrapped up into one piece -- How could this not result in amazing style?

Sporting denim jeans with blazers lies in not just the tailoring, but also, choosing the right kind of blazer, be it single buttoned, velvet, or floral. blazer selection has some of the latest styles for modern men.