Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Best Blazer Styles For Singaporean Gentlemen


It might appear shocking to know that in the summer, a guy would dare go anywhere near anything long-sleeved. However, stylish gentlemen have been sporting a certain 'perfect look' for decades. Having that perfect mix of menswear flair and classic touch to your appearance goes a long way, especially in terms of your social endeavors. To get the scoop on velvet blazers, just ask any stylish gent from Singapore, Indonesia, or Malaysia. These stylish, fashionable, risk-taker men never compromise on decent style, quality, and artistry entailed in a good blazer, and always dress to amaze. The trend of velvet dates back eons but just take a look at the streets of Singapore for example, and you will see that they have surely become modernized, trendy, and a "must have" item. Here I will introduce some top recommendations regarding these jackets renowned for their fabric, being velvet blend or velvet, their tailoring, and most importantly, their flair. Here are some blazer trends that have made menswear more worthwhile, and fashion forward:


Dark Blue Velvet Blazer

velvet blazer in navy-blue and embroidered designs
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With the color similar to a garment worn by a European prince, this style is the reason why guys call themselves stylish. Just by looking at the pic of this, I can tell, it's high quality and a MUST BUY item that i'll be adding to the shopping list.

Floral Print Velvet Blazer

velvet blazer with artistic and vintage appeal
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Floral print is one of the styles that when paired with velvet, just is stunning. Mixing elegance with elegance must produce something awesome. Guy's wanting to impress and maintain their gentlemen-like character can certainly benefit from this neat style.

Royal Blue Velvet Blazer

velvet blazer in blue with stylish trends
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Royal blue is always classic. 

Classic Dark Red/Burgundy Blazer

velvet blazer in burgundy with luxury tailoring
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If there is one thing most trendy guy's can agree on, it is the burgundy/dark red velvet blazer.

Royalty Style Velvet Blend Floral Blazer

velvet blazer with floral and exclusive prints
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WithRoyal-like and flashy but not too, too crazily loud.  Exactly what I'd wear on a weekend out.


Best Tweed Blazer Styles For Cool Men – THEBLAZERPRINCE MENS ADVISOR


unique blazer with tweed and brown designs
high-end blazer with brown and tweed style


Mens Coffee Tweed Wool Blazer - just $129 @ PerfectMensBlazers.com

Men blazers are the simple "go to" for most guys from casual or professional lifestyles. The tweed coat is wool, often multi-colored, thick, and stylish. Mens tweed coats have been a staple and favorite among fashion conscious men who like to take things up a notch and maintain a neat, cool image but still boast a professional tout. Blazer jackets are comfortable ways to step out for an evening without looking too dressed down or dressed up given it is worn with the right apparel. There are some cool and really stylish mens blazers at PerfectMensBlazers.Com. The prices are reasonable too. These sometimes fancy jackets are available in a very wide range of colors and styles, from velvet, to leather, and even plaid.

2-tone blalzer in black and grey plaid
Plaid Mens Blazer

Trendy Flat Coller Plaid Slim Gray Style Blazer Jacket - ON SALE $129 - PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Most men enjoy a easy going lifestyle and there just aren't enough hours in the day to be a fashionista all the time. With the right blazer standing by, he can be sure to be fashionable on the go. One important thing is to get the perfect size and fit for blazers for men or suit jackets, especiall if you aren't tall. Accorging to GQ:


The Short Man
Apolo Ohno: Gold-medal-winning Olympic speed skater, Dancing with the Stars champ
165 lbs

“All the suits I buy have to be tailored, no matter what. But it’s not just because of my height; it’s because I’ve been skating for so long. My waist is very small, but my legs are just huge. Most really nice suitmakers are Italian, and usually they make suit pants for Italian men. I’m like, Those Italians must have pretty skinny legs.”
• Don’t wear a longer suit jacket. It just makes your legs look shorter.
• Don’t wear fat ties and wide lapels; keep it slim.


There are many ranges of different blazer jackets like tweed, plaid, and velvet that are on sale and the ultimate "must haves" to any men's wardrobe!

Best Creative Blazer Trends For Men : Paint Splatter Trend


Black Velvet Yellow Blue Luxury Paint Splatter Blazer



There comes a time in every guy's life where he learns the importance of walking that thin line between casual and business wear. Creative blazers in particular, are a fav of mine because they can easily be sported with blue jeans, and then you're out the door. Of course a man's style is something becoming more important in this ever increasing social world. Upon a first glance at the cool colors of this blazer mixed in with an earthy-futuristic print, I came to the conclusion that it's very interesting and will be on my wishlist! I can easily see this being worn in the summer or any other season with a plain white t-shirt or white button down shirt and khaki shorts/pants. That's the perfect match!
mens black yellow velvet paint splatter blazer

Black Velvet Yellow Blue Luxury Paint Splatter Blazer @ PERFECTMENSBLAZERS.COM
This blazer has a white background with blue/purple and green paint splatter designs all over it. I really like the fact that it really does look artsy. It's like an artist started out with a blank sheet of paper and then used his skillful craftsmanship on the coat! I can see this piece being worn to parties, nights out, or even casually. I wouldn't wear this to work per se. However, as it is a blazer, it has a sleek, and neat look. Ideally,  sporting this with a plain t-shirt inside would offset all the "loudness" on the blazer. A plain white T-shirt and plain blue or black denim jeans are about as simple as any outfit can get. Throwing on this artsy blazer will really make any simple outfit creative. The truth is, it isn't easy to find creative clothes so much. Blazers are really no exception. Having a blazer like this, with cool paint splatter is much needed in mens fashion, right next to the mens velvet blazer fashion styles, that is.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Best Creative Blazers For Men Under $300 To Get Now – THEBLAZERPRINCE

Blazers, undeniably are an increasingly top pick for men who understand the value and importance of dressing nicely. From the slim fit tailoring to the intricate designs and fabrics used by top artisans, one would think that you should be shelling out nothing short of  $1000 on a good blazer. However, the truth has been revealed by theblazerprince. Stunning blazers that will keep you elegant, looking like a real gentleman, and sharp, is obtainable, just as long as you're not choosing the styles that are not trending! Making sure your style is relevant will do wonders for your career and social life, like nothing else, really. Blazer jackets are the new necessity to modern lifestyle. The men who embrace such a sharp, and clean image can all attest to the great advantages they have over the all too common casual look. Here are 10 outstanding blazers for men under $300.

Creative Mens Luxury Fur Plaid Pattern Blazer At PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Classic Brown Polyester Artwork Blazer At PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Art Deco Pattern Black White Trendy Blazer At PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Sophisticated Floral Butterflies Mens Stylish Blazer At PerfectMensBlazers.Com


Clouds Artistic Navy Blue White Fashion Blazer At PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Pixelated Blue Black Creative Style Blazer At PerfectMensBlazers.Com
Golden Antique Black Velvet Luxury Blazer At PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Luxury Mystery Graphical Modern Artistic Blazer At PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Floral Multicolor Pure Elegance Stunning Mens Blazer At PerfectMensBlazers.Com

First and foremost, blazers that are highly influenced by cool artistry is nothing to ignore while shopping. Artsy blazers can work in many ways, rather than just out for a socializing evening. Stunning men of the world's top metropolises refuse to settle for such limitations when it comes to greats style! Style can be your 24hr gentleman-proof way of ensuring a confident and charismatic character, not to mention how it can really be the perfect conversation starter. Sporting artsy blazers that are outstandingly cool to gettogethers, simply a lunch, or dinner, or even just running mere errands will give you the confidence and style needed to be productive and seriously, appealing.

Wearing Artsy Blazers 101

Wearing Blazers to:
Get-togethers are notoriously known as the place where everyone attends to see and be seen. It makes all the sense that you'd want your look to be thriving and ahead of the pact. An artistic blazer may just be the missing piece to the puzzle that can not only get you on the VIP list, but also guarantee you a spot in any future exclusive events.

A Simple Lunch Or Dinner
Lunch, Dinner, Brunch? The essential time to relax, dine, and chat. Blazers are synonymous with charm, and that is definitely something any guy would love to have around the dinner table. Diving into conversation comes easily for some, while other may need that extra boost of willpower and charm to get going. Blazers that are artsy -- your best bet.

Running Mere Errands 
Errands have always had the stigma that they are boring, time consuming, and should be done dressed very, very casually. Put the fun and creativity, and not to mention style, back into your daily routine. Grab that creative blazer in your closet, dust it off, and throw it on over your t-shirt. Blazers are a quick, easy pick-me-up for a day lacking in excitement, and will do nothing but amazing things for your look and the way you feel.

There is certainly more to blazers than the look they have. Plain and simply put, they have a charm and confidence factor in them. Blazers keeps a man productive, and sure of himself. Staying stylish might not be just a "thing" after all. It may actually be a necessity. Blazers that are outstanding shouldn't be put off for seldom use, but a regular thing. Trust me, with your new found outlook on style, you'll be much more prepared for a vibrant and enthusiastic modern lifestyle.