Monday, May 30, 2016

Plaid Blazers For The Fashionable Man Under $200

Plaid blazers, whether stylish or not, have always been revered as essentials of style. The look is casual, but somehow seems to be able to magically work in a lot of other situations where a vibrant look is necessary. The designs of blazers that brave fashion designers are churning out, are making men rethink exactly how to wear blazer jackets. Luckily, some great styles are on the horizon, making smart, and savvy men stylish, and ready for a vibrant and upscale look. Here are some plaid blazers for fashionable men under $200.

Blended Plaid Blazer For Men

Grey Plaid Floral Blazer For Men
Whether your style is a bit reserved, or bold, sticking with plaid blazers have actually been known to make you more approachable, and in-style. In a previous post, designer blazers for men were described as charming, and elegant. Plaid blazers add onto that, with a "causal factor". The great thing about plaid blazer styles are that you really don't have to put much effort into the look, just allow that cool, and very popular pattern rev up your look!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

10 Awe-Inspiring Mens Fashion Blazers Of 2016

Awe-Inspiring Blazers For Men of 2016
In 2016, mens fashion has been taken to new heights of creativity, and flair. In fact, it is hard to believe that once upon a time, menswear thrived on conformity. From passionately designed neckties, to elegant suit jackets, mens style has evolved to a look that is nothing but really awe-inspiring. From floral blazers, to polka dot designs, and even intricate animal prints, one word that fits the description of stylish blazers is MODERN. For most gentlemen, the truth is that style should be effortless., and one way to easily project that is to have a fashionable blazer jacket, capable of making your look elegant and cool. Printed and embroided blazers are some of the most trendy sport coat styles available, and they are really easy to sport, and are a great pick up for any wardrobe lacking in style.

Pleasant Nature High End Printed Mens Blazer
One of the best ways to wear a geometric patterned blazer for men is to sport neutral trousers or shorts. Sporting a t-shirt or dress shirt inside will only add more flair to the style. Staying in style with a vibrant blazer is what modern style calls for. Thanks to an elegant trend like this, an amazing look is surely within reach.
Luxury Hearts Red Black Velvet Mens Blazer

Cool Milan Style Embroidered Red Grey Blazer

 Luxury Black Velvet Floral Mens Elegant Blazer

Fashion Artifacts Ancient Art Printed Green Linen Blazer

New Stylish Geometric Navy Blue White Blazer

Gold Black White Cool Animal Design Blazer
One of the coolest and upscale menswear trends are animal prints. An elegant gold color is exactly what makes this blazer all the more of a real charmer. Sporting this with simple black pants will do nothing other than wonders.
Awe-inspiring style is what makes the mens fashion designers more apt to evolving. From animal and floral prints,  to stunning artwork designed on high quality fabrics, blazers of the modern mens style era will make any gent more fashionable, and of course more approachable!

The Creative Blazers That Are Making Men Insanely Fashionable And Awesome

Creative styled blazers are like the latest smartphone release - you admire it, but somehow subconsciously assume that it's out of your league. Blazers with intricate patterns and designs are at the forefront of modern menswear. Stylish blazers for men that fuse together the right mix of pattern, color, an tailoring are exactly what making most men insanely fashionable and awesome! A blazer that is designed with the care, and expertise of a seasoned designer will certainly sweep crowds at that social event you'll be attending, off their feet, in admiration. If you're a gentleman who seems to be getting a bit tired of the lackluster selection of fashion blazers, sticking with a creative style that's vibrant, has a certain zing, and a truly in-style appeal will immediately do wonders for your look.

Gorgeous Gentleman Multicolor Geometric Blazer For Men at PerfectMensBlazers

Gorgeous Gentleman Multicolor Geometric Blazer For Men at PerfectMensBlazers
The Gorgeous Gentleman Multicolor Geometric Blazer is making stylish men, seriously rethink their choice of blazers. Because of this blazer jacket's super stylish cut, and pattern, it makes way for a look that will make any gentleman ahead of the fashion trends! Modern men who are constantly on the lookout for the best looking suit jackets, are taking note of fashionable styles with geometric patterns, that offer nothing but success, and modern elegance. Get this cool blazer here.

Popular Modern Floral Red Dark Grey Blazer For Men at PerfectMensBlazers

Popular Modern Floral Red Dark Grey Blazer For Men at PerfectMensBlazer

With Modern style brings along with it artwork that's elegant, timeless, and classic. Floral and blazers have been a winning combination donned since the birth of mens fashion. A trendy guy can always attribute at least a bit of his recognition to the floral blazer style. Gentlemen who have long known that truly creative blazers, that boast an amazing floral pattern, have long reaped the style style benefits that come with wearing them. Aspire to popularity with this stunning blazer pick - get it here!

A fashionable approach to suit jackets is nothing new. Geometric and floral patterned blazers reign as the top essential styles to get for an insanely fashionable and awesome look for any guy. Bring out your artistic side, while maintaining a neat, charming, and professional look indeed!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Best Velvet Blazer Picks For Men Under $190


There are many blazers on the web that appear fashionable however, many of them are not really tailored using the best craftsmanship and fabric. Actually, the price can often reflect the quality you will receive. If you're smart, you'd opt for a price range hovering around the $190 mark as this is the standard price for these business-casual jackets. Blazers are multifaceted jackets that can be worn on numerous kinds of outings from a business meeting to a casual dinner with friends. All in all, most men want to look the part. Looking cool is totally relevant in 2016. Looking cool without looking overpowering is just what the fashion guru says works for these modern days. If you are interested in remaining manly but still having enough clout to be deemed stylish, then check out some of the best cool blazers for men under $190.
Chosen selections are from PerfectMensBlazers.Com Blazers For Men Outlet.

Luxury Black Velvet Floral Mens Elegant Blazer $189

Luxury Black Velvet Floral Mens Elegant Blazer

Cool Royal Blue Velvet Blazer

velvet blazer in royal-blue and long sleeve
Cool Royal Blue Velvet Blazer

Would you like to be the 'it' guy in your social circle? This jacket simply speaks attention. The key to wearing bright color blazers such as this one is to tone it down with a neutral white or black shirt inside and black  slacks or dark jeans. Wearing a jacket like this with other patterns might be a bit overbearing and might send the wrong signals to your social crowd.  

Shop this style for just $109.99 at PerfectMensBlazers.Com




Basic British Style Slim Fit Black Blazer

mens blazer with UK and trendy style
Basic British Style Slim Fit Black Blazer

Every guy should own a black blazer because they are simple, sleek, and sophisticated. Having a natural charm through the clothing you choose to wear is just one secret way that this blazer may help you one-up your competition and be talk of the room. The special feature of the basic British style slim fit black blazer from is within the cut and fitting of the jacket. Many black blazer jackets on the market are just not as sleek and tailored to wear confidently with a scarf or tie given the occasion. Black blazers are flexible and is one of those 'must haves' that is essential to your wardrobe.

Shop this style for just $99.99 at PerfectMensBlazers.Com




Casual London Style Denim Color Blazer Suit

casual blazer with fashionable and modern tailoring
Casual London Style Denim Color Blazer Suit

London is known as one of the leading men fashion cities for a reason! Influenced with a look that one might call the "British guy next door" look, the casual style of this denim colored jacket is #1 when it comes to attire that makes you look approachable. The beauty of this blazer is not only is it suitable for all seasons, but it can be worn with basically any kind of shirt inside be it a t-shirt or dressy button-down shirt. Step out in casual style with this modern, hip blazer that is easy going, relaxed, and most of all comfortable. These are the qualities every guy would like in a blazer jacket.

Shop this style for just $99.99 at PerfectMensBlazers.Com




Chic Brooch Embellishment Stripped Blue Blazer Jacket

mens blazer with striped and brooch fashion
Chic Brooch Embellishment Striped Blue Blazer Jacket

Navy blue and white striped with multiple pockets. Very trendy and casual. this is the perfect weekend blazer. Going fishing? Going to the mall? Going anywhere? Grab this with a t-shirt inside and get ready for compliments galore. By the time you've returned home you'd think you'd have won a fashion trophy for best dressed man of the year! With all the features and qualities of this jacket, not to mention the brooch, (a brooch is just a posh name for a random accessory of jewelry that comes attached to clothing) this blazer somehow is able to remain subtle.

Shop this style for just $129.67 at PerfectMensBlazers.Com






Thursday, February 25, 2016

Floral Blazers For Men - TOP PICKS Of MENS BLAZERS


 Popular Modern Floral Red Dark Grey Blazer Available at PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Popular Modern Floral Red Dark Grey Blazer Available at PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Eloquent Black Lapel Superstar Grey Floral Blazer Available at PerfectMensBlazers.Com

 Eloquent Black Lapel Superstar Grey Floral Blazer Available at PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Gorgeous Gentleman Multicolor Geometric Blazer Available at PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Gorgeous Gentleman Multicolor Geometric Blazer Available at PerfectMensBlazers.Com

Amazing Royalty Style Velvet Blend Blazer

Black Velvet Yellow Blue Luxury Paint Splatter Blazer

Some blazer jackets seriously deserve special attention. One highly recommended style is the sleek floral blazer by . It's elegant, stylish, yet reserved and masculine. This excellent floral blazer boasts a polka dot collar with a nice, modern, artistic design. It's even recommended on Polyvore as a fashionable item for men!

Linen and  stylish, slim fits are in now as well. Being fancy in 2015 has never been easier! Get the trend today by browsing and shopping for some of my top picks here!


The Short Sleeve Modern Design Navy Blue Art Blazer is great for unsure weather and trendy enough for work or socializing. Mens fashion is creative, modern, and stylish as ever with this trend! Wear it with a t-shirt or dress shirt inside for a true gentleman-inspired look. I recommend this because of it's style, flexibility, and tailoring. Mens fashion, with a smart take on the mens floral blazer styles, is something that gradually influences us as new styles are constantly embraced by top fashion guys. The art navy blue floral print short sleeve blazer is one you'll surely be impressed with. Get this Look Here!

Amazing Pear Yellow Luxury Embroidered Mens Floral Blazer

Amazing Pear Yellow Luxury Embroidered Mens Floral Blazer
Most people can agree that clothing with yellow might be reserved for just the spring, however, this pear yellow floral blazer is of the most high end design you could find for men. Embroidered floral design - check. Sleek lapel & tailored hem - absolutely. Some blazers deserve to be put on a pedestal, because of their fit, design, and outright existence - This pear yellow style in one of them. Get this blazer here.

Sky Blue Rose Print Floral Leather 2-tone Mens Blazer

Sky Blue Rose Print Floral Leather 2-tone Mens Blazer
Sky blue remains one of the most natural colors in fashion. Blue floral designs signify a pure, charming, and generous character. Contrary to popular belief, having too many patterns in a piece of clothing can actually make you stand out, and in a really good way. One excellent way to sport this charming blazer is with black pants - simple, straight forward, and super neat. Get this blazer here.

White Black Watercolor Art Mens Blazer

White Black Watercolor Art Mens Blazer

Blazers with black and white are the prime 'go to' for men, simple because of trier neutral hue and rather subtle nature when designed in floral motifs. This pick up is the best choice for men who arent really into the whole multicolor affection, but still want something that will add some zing to the outfit. This is for you - gentlemen whoa re passionate about style, just subtly, but certainly artistically. Get this blazer here.


Floral Multicolor Pure Elegance Stunning Mens Blazer

Floral Multicolor Pure Elegance Stunning Mens Blazer

In order to confidently sport a bright, multicolor floral blazer, you've got to be some sort of an alpha male, be really comfortable in our own shoes, and definitely not be afraid to show that you can really own your own look. This is an elegant and wildly creative blazer for men who are in it to win, when it comes to socializing and upping your look to new heights! Get this blazer here.


Floral Polkadot Lapel Elegant Mens Blazer

Floral Polkadot Lapel Elegant Mens Blazer

Polka dot has always been a staple pattern for fashion, and it makes all the sense that when paired with a cool floral pattern, the two would make history. This floral blazer is perfect for evenings out and the wool velvet blend makes it of the highest quality material there is. If you are into style that is long lasting, simply cool, and high end, this blazer is your best bet. Get this blazer here.

Mystic Floral Dark Polyester Blend Thin Blazer

Mystic Floral Dark Polyester Blend Thin Blazer
Thin blazer jackets have made a come back, and not necessarily because the thicker, wool styles have gone out of style, but more or less because of the 'comfort factor'. Staying comfortable is fashion 101, and blazers are no exception to that rule of thumb. Being able to move about, in a stylish blazer isn't something most gentlemen can say they've done. This blazer will surprise you in that its lightweight, floral, and gives you he room you need to show your cool, confident new character, of course. Get this blazer here.

Blazers For Men: My Top Picks For Floral And Artsy Styles.

High quality blazers can make the big difference in how well your outfit looks. 2015 calls for excellent quality, that is of course on par with a superb style.

Floral Blazers - To Wear Or not To Wear
  A common challenge men who want to sport a trending style face is whether or not the look will simply be too much. In order to pull of the floral blazer trend you must wear the look with the right accessories and clothes. For starters, denim jeans, a widely accepted casual wear is certainly a great choice! Black slacks, very acceptable. Perhaps sneakers or even boots will work as well. Blazers actually are one of those items of clothing that seem to work amazingly well with so many different looks. So have no fear and simply wear what ever makes you comfortable, and you're sure to be stylish anyway, given that you are wearing a floral blazer!

Mens Fashion in 2015 is all about blazers with unique and trendy designs such as elegant prints. Mens fashion is great when you've got awesome blazers to wear but can be daunting when you're closet has a absence of stylish, modern floral blazers.Get these popular trends to stay in style.
Just how floral blazers can rev up your wardrobe is truly in the way you wear the trend. Below are some top picks of fashionable mens blazers to help you wear this trend.

Mens blazers offer the perfect match for your clothing outfits, especially for the busy, yet fashion-savvy crowd. modern blazers...The excellent choice indeed. Sometimes getting dressed for an event can leave you scrambling for the 'perfect look'. Dressed to impress is the name of the game. A sleek blazer, with high end designs offer the perfect balance of wit you've been searching for. Most professional guys end up in suit jackets most days of the week and would do almost anything, to at least take a break from that common attire. Brighten, enliven, and add some fashionable clout to those denim jeans or pants that are yearning for new companionship in a stylish blazer.

Fashion experts have long agreed that tailoring a men's blazer sharpens the look. Summer weather is all about convenient clothing and blazers are the essential items that can be taken on or off given the temperature. Most places with AC can be cold. Cotton and other blends of blazers offer the comfort and style needed to keep up with fashion year-round.

Here you can see some cool blazers tat are really artistic. Embroidered floral sleeves, polyester blend, and even leopard prints. Red or burgundy mens velvet blazer and mens floral blazer styles are highly bold and chic with it's color and unique fitting.

Floral Prints  - A History Reinvigorated

Floral prints originated  in the East, where  nature inspired themes were popular in the 1800's. Through trade,  the style made it's way to Europe and the Americas where fashion designers began producing the stylish Asian-Inspired designs with a touch of their own. After WWII, the floral design in the West had branched out into their own fashion style, much to the local consumer's tastes.

Floral Print Blazers - An Introduction

Floral print blazers are savvy garments that feature the nature-inspired tones and  beauty of Earth. Blazers with various  prints and colors reflect seasons and offer a zest of colors. Complementing any outfit with a floral blazer or even a floral jacket or pants, surely goes a long way. Blazers offer a tailoring that is unparalleled in tailoring and fit, the floral designs added, allow floral print blazers to be some of the most time tested, popular  garments to date.

Countries Where Floral Prints Are Popular

Floral prints are popular in many countries, thanks to the expansion of trade and commerce. In Asia, floral print and embroidered clothes are regularly sported on a daily basis. In Japan, for example,  the kimono is a popular, traditional gown that symbolizes dignity, and  is very stylish. The fashion runways of the world, from Italy to Tokyo and New York, have been known to promote floral print clothing, often with high-end tailoring.

News surrounding Stylish Floral Blazers

Andrew Wiggins Arrives To NBA Draft In Waraire Boswell Floral Suit (Photos)
Men, get style- savvy

Want some of the best blazers for men? Blazers with unique designs are my specialty. Whether floral, modern mens velvet blazer designs, casual, these jackets are fashionable and will allow men to become gentlemen. The fashions styles I recommend are listed on this page ~ You can choose from various floral and animal prints and even short sleeves for the summer weather. The earthy tone, ink printed floral blazer is $139 at is is a MUST have for the season. See other cool, unique blazer trends by browsing this selection!

During my daily stroll down fashion ave and it dawned on me that us guys get pretty jazzed up and dapper if need be. Going to work, streaming through the majority  of black suits, every now and then a blazer that's fancy and 'hip' stands out. Other than thinking that that guy has no idea about professional attire, a closer look at his jacket made me realize that may be in fact, a sports jacket. ESPN anyone? Truth be told, what we call blazers and what we call sport coats may actually be the same thing. however, for most gentlemen, they aren't so concerned with that the name of the item is. 

Most navy blue blazers I see on the net are really just bland and simple. Lo and behold, has the one navy blue blazer that is really fancy but reserved. The epitome of stylish men's fashion. The velvet blend and floral embroidery is something in it's own class. I must deem this jacket truly multi functional. Not many jackets can be worn with both denim jeans and slacks. For $139, this is a steal indeed. When shopping for blazers, be very sensitive to the cutting and tailoring because those features are what will make or break how will you look in them. By checking out the image of the navy blue blazer, I can see the shoulders, hem, and buttons are artistically crafted with sophistication. QUALITY! That's what gentlemen are looking for in clothing. Just as G Bruce boyer said, luxury is about understanding quality and enjoying it. This navy blue blazer with the floral embroidery certainly is in line with that saying. Buy this blazer here.