Tuesday, January 12, 2016

3 Best Stunnning Blazers For Men To Get For Spring 2016

Sometimes fashion for men seems to be a revolving door of the same styles, but truly fashionable men, unafraid of rebellion and unmoved by the impact of fast fashion, have all kept true style values as a centerpiece of character and style. Blazers for men in the spring 2016 season means vibrant all the way around, it means extreme creativity, and it means a superb fit and tailoring. Fashion is something that has to be cultivated over long periods of time to be perfected, and just about any fashionable man understands that principal; However, the truth is that every now and then, there comes along a few staples that rule of menswear, making way for an effortless, modern, and elegant look. Here are the 3 best stunning blazers for men to get in spring 2016, in no particular order.

Vibrant - Yes.. All the way around

The world's most fashionable men Haven't been mavericks of the industry for years for no reason; In fact, having a daring nature takes courage after all. This is why vibrant blazers come into play here in 2016. Dapper gents are all about a sleek, and modern look, on the extreme opposite of lackluster. Vibrant blazer styles that are more than hip, and really exhibit nothing but quality are what all the talk is about.
Creative Colorful Mens Fashion Wool Blazer via PerfectMensBlazers
Creative Colorful Mens Fashion Wool Blazer via PerfectMensBlazers

Extreme Creativity = Perfection 

Creativity is something that some might argue comes natural. If you're not the one touched with the gift of an artistic edge, no worries. Blazers, such as the cool styles at PerfectMensBlazers can make you appear as if you've just nabbed a top award for best artist of the decade! Perfection is truly in the eyes of the beholder, and creative style can truly make any gentleman just a bit more leaning towards the side of perfection.
Sophisticated Floral Butterflies Mens Stylish Blazer via PerfectMensBlazers
Sophisticated Floral Butterflies Mens Stylish Blazer via PerfectMensBlazers

 Superb Fit And Tailoring

A superb fit has always been synonymous with high quality blazers. Just ask the world renowned Italian tailors about their expertise and years of fame and recognition. There's nothing that speaks modern, sleek, and sharp, better than a blazer that has tailoring that is not just up to par, but more than that! 2016 spring calls for mens fashion blazers that exhibit great tailoring along with sleekness.

Amazing Royalty Style Velvet Blend Blazer via PerfectMensBlazers
Amazing Royalty Style Velvet Blend Blazer via PerfectMensBlazers

Spring time means nature is here, in blossom. Not necessarily signifying that it went away at all, but the ushering in of something new, something vibrant, and modern. Here's to a stellar 2016 spring, for mens fashion, and the stylish blazer you'll look more dapper than ever in! 

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Casual Blazer: Why It's Working For Successful Men

The Casual Blazer: On Seducing Smart Men

There's undeniably been a quiet chit chat among fashion insiders about a shift, a certain shift in mens fashion that's somehow propelling the look of modern men in a direction that's a more neater casual. For centuries, men gentlemen have known the key aspect of getting a stellar look that's dapper, comfortable, but not necessarily snobbish is to stick with a casual blazer. 

The casual blazer simply has a few advantages over much of what mens fashion has to offer including:

  • The ability to retain an easy-going look despite fine tailoring

  • Easy access pockets

  • Flexible in that it can be worn with denim jeans

  • The materials can vary from cotton to wool, and even have floral designs

  • Detailed Tailoring

  • Easy To maintain  


    An Easy Going Look Despite The Fine Tailoring

    One of the most intriguing things about casual blazers are that they offer guy's an appealing, effortless, easy-going look, but at the same time does have detail, fine tailoring, and craftsmanship instilled into the design. Synonymous with casual suits are soft contours, and round hems. In fact, once of the key reasons why Italian tailors have long been at the admiration of the mens fashion industry is just that - fine tailoring. Modernism and convenient living are surely among the most prevalent things int he 21st century, and an easy going look complements that perfectly.
    casual blazer from BetterBlazers.com
    Click here to see more casual blazers for men at BetterBlazers

     Easy Access Pockets

    Easy access pockets on your blazer will make you have a knack for quality, convenient, and ultimately great style. Pockets can sometimes look a bit outdated, huge, unnecessary flaps that stick up are not up the creative designer's alley, however easy access pockets that are sleek, silent, and neat - definitely a must have.

    A Flexible Look Matters.. A lot

    Flexible looks for men matter. The great thing about a casual look is that it can make or break your social encounters. Looking approachable is key. If you're dressed for a key business meeting, or even perhaps an interview, but also are due to a more social event such as a dinner party perhaps, wear a single button blazer, with a polo shirt inside. This gives off the impression you'd like to give off in fact - that you care about your neat appearance, but you're definitely still an out going gentleman.

    Designed With Diverse Fabrics And Patterns

    Quality fabrics and patterns do not have to come at the compromise of an appealing look. Casual blazers made with wool and velvet, especially if the design features plaid, floral, or even an edgy zig-zag, are certainly the kinds of styles that modern fashion calls for courageous, fashionable guys to wear. The last thing you'd want to be is the man with the lacking blazer. Getting the right pattern and fabric for your blazer can help direct your entire look and take you directly to STYLE-DOM!

    Detailed Tailoring

     As mentioned before, casual blazers that have detail tailoring are ALWAYS superior. It's not a big secret that denim jeans ring in a casual look that not many other items in menswear can achieve. A detailed, tailored blazer along with denim jeans, and even sports shoes simply is compatible, solely because of the power of the finely crafted blazer.

    Easy To Maintain

    Just about all men admire clothing that is easy to maintain. Maintaining a blazer can sometimes be the same as keeping up with a luxury car. If wool, there's lint, if linen , ther's tenderness needed while washing, cotton, velvet, and other materials all have their perks. But the casual blazer, because it;s typically an item that'lll be sported in casual situations, can simply be washed minimally, and hung up up be sported again confidently. Usually casual blazers can go for months without even a single ironing, or even perhaps drycleaning. The key is to take car eof it, and the material and fit would all fall in place to work in yoru favor- effortless to maintain.

    In conclusion...  Casual blazers are truly unique among all blazer styles, frankly speaking because of it's easy-going look, detailed tailoring, and flexibility. Modern fashion demands clothing that can be used and worn on a whim, of course not at the compromise of a cool design. Men who are successful have long understand that a casual appearance, yet still professional is key to making for a gentleman capable of achievement, all while staying attractive and stylish.